I Didn’t See That Coming

Yesterday I borrowed my mom’s car (yay! no van!) and ran a few errands. Exciting, no? I picked up Lisa McMann’s FADE, a new journal, a couple things for the dog, but before that I plunged into the grocery store. I’d forgotten what an ordeal that is in the US.

The grocery store in Zihuatanejo is no slouch — it has housewares & clothes just like here — but everything in the US is so much BIGGER. I was in there for twenty minutes before I even got to the food. Since I don’t know where anything is I had to go up and down every aisle, then backtrack when I realized I’d forgotten something.

After another twenty minutes I was operating on autopilot so it was more than a little surprising when my cart came to a screeching stop in the International aisle. More specifically, the Mexican section. (okay, I may have had a little something to do with it.)

A cranky-looking store employee pricing hard taco shells (SO not Mexican…) gave me a strange look as I caressed the refried beans and crouched low to see the green salsas on the bottom shelf. I shuffled around him to explore the hot sauces and chiles, then got a little misty-eyed at the jars of mole and Mexican rice.


I couldn’t drag myself away! I stood there long after the stock boy moved on to the Southwestern section and puzzled over why I’d had that reaction. Could I actually be homesick?


21 Responses

  1. Wow, I would think that passing by anything Mexican would bring a longing response. If it didn’t I would suspect you not human.
    So what store did you go to?

    • I know, but I wanted out of there so badly that I didn’t expect to get all mopey over refried beans.

      • Oh, and I was at Meijer.

  2. Awwww! *hugs* Oddly, I think of you every time I pass the mole in the grocery store. I keep meaning to ask you for Ibis’s recipe you always talk about. (Am I remembering right? That he makes some chicken mole thing you love?)

    • Yes, he makes awesome molĂ© enchiladas. When we lived in Chicago he made it a little differently, but it’s so good both ways. I should really get the recipe from him.

  3. awww….it was a big chunk of your life & I suspect always will be. Don’t know why this made me cry. Curse you Hooey!!!

  4. I’d have been surprised if you’d breezed right on by. You’re a sensitive hoo, and I can appreciate that. :)

    • Whenever you say things like that (sensitive hoo) I picture Dr. Suess characters, lol.

  5. Awwww, bless yer lickle ‘eart! :(



  6. Aww. It’s only natural to be a little homesick. Seriously, it’s a HUGE adjustment for you! Glad to hear your getting back into the swing of things ;o)

    • I just didn’t expect it so it caught me off guard. Then I had to fight the urge to share my life story with the stockboy.

  7. It’s odd how memories and emotions and strike without warning. ((hugs))

    Did you buy any of it?

    • I bought some black refried beans, but they’re the store brand. They didn’t have ANY Mexican brands. Hrrumph.

  8. Awww… I can totally see you being waylaid by the ethnic foods aisle. Being homesick seems so normal to me. I’m so sorry, Melanie!

    Don’t American food stores suck? I hate grocery shopping!!!!

    • Robin, I wouldn’t say they suck, just that there are SO MANY options. It’s a little overwhelming.

      And yet I still couldn’t find Fresca. Sadness.

  9. I can totally understand being ambushed like that. Homesickness seems to jump out at you when you least expect it. *hugs*

  10. What my van isn’t up to your standards. It will almost hold your whole world, well maybe not the mattress and sofa.

    • It’s a BEAST! my thigh hurt for two days after driving from Chicago.

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