An Outlet for My Crazy

I, uh… started yet another blog. Hooku: Hoo Can Haiku. This one is purely to entertain myself and give me an outlet for the random thoughts in my head. Kind of like Twitter or Facebook, but permanent!


Anyway, I’m thinking it’d be awesome to have “guest bloggers” so send me your haikus!


12 Responses

  1. Been there! Love it! I’ll send you my attempts. :D

  2. Totally awesome!

    • Thanks! I’m so glad you all humor me.

  3. Yay!

    I’m up for guest haiku-ing, as long as you don’t want serious. :D


  4. So fun!! I’ll have to think up some Haikus!

    • Please do! You’ll have to incorporate your town name. ;)

  5. Awesome! Love that you have an outlet for that ;o)

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