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An Overdue Announcement
September 15, 2010

I have some news that I don’t think will surprise very many of you. In fact, unless there’s a legion of readers out there who never comment and therefore have never made me aware of their existence, I think the majority of you already know.

Last spring Ibis and I decided to separate, and I’ve since filed for divorce. I really hate getting into things this personal on my blog, but I’m planning to change my name back to Hooyenga and I thought that might raise a few questions if I didn’t say something. I’d rather not get into the particulars, but the split was amicable and we remain friendly.

I can’t begin to explain how wonderful my friends and family have been over the past several months. I’ve had a behind-the-scenes pep team/venting circle/wishing-they-could-buy-me-a-drink-but-can’t-because-they-live-in-the-intertoobs group that’s kept me smiling and looking towards the light at the end of all this.

I have another six weeks, give or take, until this is officially behind me, and I couldn’t do it without all of you.


More Old Habits Dying Hard
September 13, 2010

Since I’m living with my parents I don’t cook as much as I used to, and while I’m not completely heartbroken over this, I do miss cooking some of my favorite dishes. Yesterday I decided to make a peanut sauce chicken dish that tastes pretty close to one of my favorites from a Thai restaurant in Chicago. I washed the veggies, chopped them just so, and reached for a paper towel to get clean water and rinse off the cutting board.

That’s when it hit me. I don’t need to use the special water to clean the cutting board. Or the vegetables, for that matter. Here in the US the special water comes RIGHT OUT OF THE FAUCET. You just push the lever and out it flows.

I’m feeling like I’ve shared these revelations here before, but I’ve been here over six months and it still caught me off guard how much EASIER it is to prepare meals when the water that pours into the sink can also touch your food.

On a side note, I discovered the red onions here in Michigan are a gazillion times stronger than those in Mexico. My eyes never once teared up in all the meals I cooked there, but yesterday I had to leave the room just to clear my eyes. If only it’d occurred to me then that I could have just stuck my head under the sink.

Can It Be?
September 3, 2010

I actually have an entire weekend — nay, a LONG weekend — and NO editing? I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked!

I realize it’s only been a month or so since I got back into the writing/editing swing of things, but since I was determined to meet my goal I was really pushing hard on the weekends. I guess my hard work paid off. I guess I’ll just have to find some other way to pass the time.

After this weekend I’m diving into queries and synopisis’es’s and agent research, olĂ©!

What do you have planned for Labor Day weekend?

The Inculpable Cardboard Box
September 1, 2010

My mom does a lot of shopping online so it’s inevitable that we have a lot of cardboard boxes lying around, the majority of which have the swoopy Amazon logo on the side. The delivery man leaves them in the designated spot and my dad brings them inside when he gets the mail.

It’s a good system.

At least until I came along.

Last week I ordered book #2 in the Uglies series and two workout videos (Denise Austen’s Bootcamp (so-so) and Shape’s Get Lean (loved it)). I like Jillian Michaels, but I’ve used two of her videos — and only hers — for two years now and it’s time for some new blood.

I received an email that they had been shipped, but since I opted for the cheapo version I figured it’d still be another week. I was all prepared for five more days of Jillian when my package arrived several days early!

The box was open when I got home because my dad opened it by mistake, thinking it was something for him. I didn’t think much of it until later when my mom told me he was waiting for a new Tom-Tom. Imagine his surprise when he tore open the box expecting his latest techno-gadget and instead found a young adult novel and two workout videos.

I swear we weren’t trying to give him a hint. ;)

Snip Snip, Part Two
August 13, 2010

I didn’t intend for this to be a series, but there’s been more snipping in my life. First, I believe I spoke too soon when I said that Owen was recovering well from his surgery last Friday. Wednesday morning he had to go back to the vet to have a suture restitched and now… you guessed it! He’s wearing a cone.

See his blog for pictures.

Next, I gave into an urge I’ve had for quite some time and finally chopped my hair. Five inches be gone!

I’m visiting my grandmother this weekend and I can’t wait to hear what she thinks!

The Fixer
August 9, 2010

I spent a lot of time this weekend fixing things. My wip, my closet, my dog… as well as a couple things that I’ll get into at another time. It’s nice being able to look around after a couple days and see the results of your efforts, don’t you agree?

First, my wip. Despite the fact that it was Coast Guard weekend (if you’re unfamiliar, it’s a BIG deal here), I managed to edit close to fifty pages in my wip. And I passed the halfway mark! Of course I joked on Facebook that it’s all downhill from here. I’m still happy with my progress and hope I can sustain my motivation for the next 148 pages.

Next, my closet. Early last Monday morning (we’re talking 4:30am) the portable wardrobe thing that holds my hanging clothes collapsed. On my bed. While I was sleeping in it. For the past week my clothes have been all over the place, and Sunday I finally bought a replacement. Yay for neat and organized belongings.

Finally, my dog. Owen’s surgery went very well. So well, in fact, that I was denied the one joy I’ve been looking forward to since we picked out a male puppy: the cone. He has no cone. Fer serious. I’m sorely tempted to fashion one out of things we have around the house just so I can watch him try to function with it. Yes I realize that’s wrong.

But seriously, Owen is doing well and aside from being groggy and wobbly Friday night, he’s been his normal self. Just a little lighter. (No joke. The vet told me his test…les (I’m not writing it out because I don’t want that spam) were HUGE! Way to go Owen!)

After a busy weekend I’m kinda looking forward to a regular week. And yes I realize I probably just jinxed myself.

This is How I Celebrated the Fourth
July 5, 2010

Red, white and blue food!

I also updated my header. BIG weekend!

What did you do? I hope everyone had a safe holiday.

Break Out the Daggers
July 2, 2010

… and hard candy
… and pogo sticks
… and puppy toenails
… and roller blades
… and taffy
… and pointy sticks
… and scissors
… and envelopes*
… and doorjambs*
… and potato slicers*
… and sun visors*
… and coffee tables*
… and lip gloss tubes*
… and sidewalks*
… and carpeted rooms*
… and, well, I guess you get the point.

As of yesterday, I have health insurance!

* This is ME we’re talking about here.

The Perfect Cup of Coffee
June 28, 2010

I left most of my kitchen things in Mexico and while I was sad to see them go, I figured it wasn’t anything that couldn’t be replaced. Among the glasses and plates were a pair of coffee mugs bought years ago at the art fair here in west Michigan. They’re well worn and the handle has been reattached to one at least three times, but I love them.

As luck would have it, the same art fair was this weekend and I found a new set. They aren’t exactly the same, but I lurve them all the same.

The sipping view.

Now I just need to fire up the coffee pot.

Have You Seen My Mama?
June 18, 2010

*rustling and crashing*

*sniffling and snuffling*


I can’t find my mama anywhere! Do you know where she is? Is she ever coming back?

I looked all over the place and I can’t find her.


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