I’ve moved to melaniehoo.com/hoosblog!

My name is Melanie—Hoo for those of you who know me online—and I’m an aspiring novelist.

I started writing as a child but didn’t take it seriously until I moved to Mexico in March of 2007. While there I wrote about my bizarre, fish-out-of-water experiences on my blog, What Am I Doing In Mexico? There are fiction writing samples under the tag “writing samples”, if you’re so inclined.

Now that I’m back in Michigan I’m hopeful that all my plotting, planning, preparing, pondering, and—ooh!—perfecting, will come together in the ultimate P: publication.

In the meantime, I hope I can entertain you along the way.

Still here? Check out my other other blog, Super Owen and my experimental blog Hooku: Hoo Can Haiku. I’m also a contributor at An Army of Ermas (and I designed the logo).


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