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I primarily write novels, but I’ve also dabbled with flash fiction (short stories under 1000 words). Seems I either go big or go really really short. I’ve worked as a freelance writer and had articles published on, but now my non-fiction writing is for my day job.

I’m working towards publication, but I’m having a hard time pinning down a genre. My first novel is mainstream/commercial fiction, my second is women’s fiction, and I’m currently writing the first in what looks to be a paranormal young adult series.

A brief description:

Flicker (Young Adult)

[I’m still working on the hook for this but it feels wrong not to include it. You can read the first two pages in my post OhNaNoMyNaNo.]

After the Fall (Women’s Fiction)

When Greg Vandenberg awakes to find a masked man attacking his daughter Becca, he does what he must to protect her. But when the police remove the mask, Greg’s world is shaken once more — the masked man is actually his neighbor and best friend. While the people in town insist on calling him a hero, Greg must come to terms with his guilt over killing his best friend and leaving the wife, Carol, a widow.

But small towns aren’t very forgiving; those same people who congratulate Greg are determined to crucify the dead man’s memory, and Carol must figure out how to protect her children before someone else gets hurt. Meanwhile Becca is clinging to a secret that, if revealed, could make moving on impossible.

The Other Side (Mainstream/Commercial)

Mateo has never traveled beyond his southern Mexican town, but he’s always believed his future is on the other side of the border. His first attempt to cross leaves him bleeding and penniless in a holding cell, and he must decide whether that future is worth the risk to his life. His father has made the alternative—returning home—impossible, so he tries again, this time with the help of a coyote.

Mateo doesn’t realize that the Mexican government has infiltrated the coyote’s smuggling ring until he’s already locked in a trunk and headed for the border. He and another migrant, Alejandro, escape into the desert, and it quickly becomes clear that Alejandro has an agenda all his own—and knows more about the men pursuing them than he’s letting on.

My short story, Shipwreck, was published at

Other short stories:

Change of Plans
Love Hesitates
The Red Ticket


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