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Hold On to Your Hat!
November 22, 2010

I’m happy to announce that my new website is up and running!

This site includes my blog AND my design and writing samples. Yes, a couple years ago I decided to separate my writing and design sites, but that proved to be more of an ordeal than it was worth. So until I decide to change my mind again (I kid), is your place for one stop Hoo shopping.

Can you guess which part I’m most excited about?

I adore the photos (which I took in my basement Saturday afternoon), and I’m proud that after nine months I’ve finally updated my blogroll (let me know if you’re not listed), but the item that has me most excited is the Google Friend Connect! I can finally see who’s following me!

So, please please please go to — or better yet, hop right to — and bookmark it, copy and paste it, or do whatever it is you do to save highly important websites. Ahem. I’ll love you forever if you follow me.

Special thanks to my friends who succumbed to my brow-beating on Sunday.

Feel free to leave comments on this post, but starting Wednesday all posts will be at I’ll leave a light on so stragglers can find their way.

Now, can anyone name the movie reference in the title?


I’ve Gone Crazy. Again.
August 25, 2010

Seems I didn’t have enough to do last weekend, what with finishing my edits and all. I decided to do a few things for Owen as well.

He’s now the proud owner of a Facebook Fan Page called Super Owen.

In keeping with that theme, I’ve also revamped his blog. Yeah, I know I changed his header a couple weeks ago, but I’ve been really tired of the whole What Am I Doing in Michigan? thing and decided it was time for a change. That’s now Super Owen as well. The blog address hasn’t changed — it’s still — but the title has changed.

Now go check it out!

And, you know, follow and like him and stuff so I feel like my insanity is good for something.

Technological Octogenarian
August 16, 2010

I spent the weekend with my grandmother — the same one I stayed with for a month last winter — and aside from lunching at the Ford House and taking her to get her ears pierced, I taught her how to use a computer! She’s used webtv for years and kept having problems, so after seeing both me and my aunt playing (ahem, writing) on our netbooks, she decided that’d be a good idea for her, too.

My mom bought an Acer about a month ago, my dad loaded it up with Skype and assigned her a gmail account, and I was voted as the family most likely to successfully teach her how to use the darn thing. And teach I did. Me, a Mac baby.

For someone who’s never used a mouse or touchpad, she’s doing very well, and I only had one phone call after I got home Sunday night asking how to do something. I figure that’s pretty good for Day One.

Now let’s see if she remembers how to leave comment here. :)

Technology Win
July 30, 2010

By now you know all about my dungeon and the perks — or lack thereof — that come with it.

Well, there have been some big changes this week.

My fourteen-year old nephew stayed with us the first part of this week so my dad had him doing all kinds of things around the house. (That was the arrangement. He made money by helping my dad. We aren’t slave drivers here.) One of the first things on the list was helping him install a cell phone booster.

That’s right. I now get signal in the basement! And the rest of the house!

My dad tested it by calling me on his cell from the basement, but I’ve yet to make an actual call from down there. I’m just so used to communicating with people with other devices that I’ve stopped talking on the phone as often. But the fact that I can text FROM THE COUCH and NOT FROM INSIDE THE TEENY LITTLE WINDOW is huge.


Later that same night (can you believe there’s more?) I mentioned that my DVD player was broken, but I was pretty sure I knew how it needed to be fixed (I just hadn’t gotten around to trying). Something fell on it while it was in storage and the casing was dented, so I asked my nephew to pop off the top, hammer it out, and see if it’d work.

And it did!

This may not sound exciting, but this is a five-disc player that also has radio and an MP3 jack (not that I have an MP3 player to use it with) AND it has surround sound.

Aww yeah, my dungeon is now tricked out.

Have you had any cool gadgets come into your life recently?

Online Persona
May 17, 2010

Last night I was lolling on the couch trying to think of what to write for today. I mentally ran through the list of things that’ve kept me busy lately, but decided against each for a variety of reasons. I’m not trying to tease–bear with me for a second–but it brings up a point several blogging friends have made over the years:

Your online persona is not necessarily who you really are.

Yeah, yeah, I know. That’s a given. But I’m sometimes amazed at how easily perceptions are formed by a string of words on a computer screen. By simply omitting this detail and including another, you can create a whole new facet of your personality.

I choose to leave negativity off my blog and facebook posts. As a result, most people assume I’m always in a good mood. While I am an optimistic person, I certainly have my crap days just like everyone else–the difference is I keep it out of the public eye.

The same could be true for those who use the internet as their personal dumping ground, but something tells me they’re also that negative in person.

So my question for you is: How much of yourself do you put out there? 10%? 50%? The full monty?

Me? I’d say I’m at about 75%.

The Little Green Light
May 7, 2010


The green light flashes.


I try to concentrate on my conversation but the green light beckons.


This has become my life.


Who could it be?


Is it an email or a text?


Is it someone responding to something I said, or is it a brand spanking new email?


What if there’s more than one email?


How much longer before I can turn away and check my phone?


I’m addicted to my phone. I realized it when I went to the bathroom and got excited when the green light on the soap dispenser winked at me.

*hangs head*

Mr. Roboto
April 13, 2010

Did I mention I got a new phone?

I haven’t named him, but he seems to respond to “pretty” and “robot.”


Before buying the Droid I convinced myself that I had to have a phone with an actual keyboard, but after only five days I’ve already adjusted to the virtual keyboard, plus I love the feature where it gives you options for the word you’re trying to type after only a couple letters. That means you don’t have to type nearly as many actual words.


My best friend helped me figure out a lot of the apps so now I’m almost graduated from beginner phone user to second grader. ;) Not only that, she told me about at application called “Bump” that lets you transfer information from one phone to the other by simply bumping your fists. Or fingers.


Sadly, it does not work with a digital camera, no matter how many times you try.

An Outlet for My Crazy
February 27, 2010

I, uh… started yet another blog. Hooku: Hoo Can Haiku. This one is purely to entertain myself and give me an outlet for the random thoughts in my head. Kind of like Twitter or Facebook, but permanent!


Anyway, I’m thinking it’d be awesome to have “guest bloggers” so send me your haikus!

Schedule, Schmedule
February 26, 2010

So… I’d like to have some kind of routine to my posts here, but I’m so out of whack with the move that I don’t know what day it is. Forget trying to maintain a schedule. I liked the three-days-a-week routine at Mexico (I updated the sidebar info so it’s all current now) but I’m sitting here in my mom’s living room, watching the Today show with Owen curled up next to me and I feel like talking to you all.

My computer arrived yesterday but I haven’t plugged it in yet because we had a bit of a styrofoam issue. Ibis (my husband, for the uninitiated) protected my iMac with two-inch foam and while it seems to have done its job (remember, I haven’t actually turned it on yet) a lot of the foam crumbled and I now have a box full of itsy-bitsy pieces of styrofoam. Or more accurately, I now have a living room full of foam.

Yesterday Owen learned that he can EAT snow (what a joyous moment that was — he kept racing away from me thinking that I would try to take it away from him) so when little white things covered the living room floor, he tried to eat that too. Long story short (I know, shocking from me, right?) I had to vacuum the room twice, myself once, and was unable to vacuum the dog. I’ve got everything pretty much clean and I think the computer is finally warm, so I’ll start ‘er up soon.

My point to all this is my days are completely disorganized and I may be posting sporadically for a bit. Will you all bear with me? Also, my mom has a spare camera (thanks mom!) so I’ll be able to post pictures as soon as I get a memory card.

On an ironic side note, I’m watching the news and they keep interrupting our regularly scheduled programming to talk about a shooting near Grand Rapids. See — THE VIOLENCE FOLLOWS ME!

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