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Hold On to Your Hat!
November 22, 2010

I’m happy to announce that my new website is up and running!

This site includes my blog AND my design and writing samples. Yes, a couple years ago I decided to separate my writing and design sites, but that proved to be more of an ordeal than it was worth. So until I decide to change my mind again (I kid), is your place for one stop Hoo shopping.

Can you guess which part I’m most excited about?

I adore the photos (which I took in my basement Saturday afternoon), and I’m proud that after nine months I’ve finally updated my blogroll (let me know if you’re not listed), but the item that has me most excited is the Google Friend Connect! I can finally see who’s following me!

So, please please please go to — or better yet, hop right to — and bookmark it, copy and paste it, or do whatever it is you do to save highly important websites. Ahem. I’ll love you forever if you follow me.

Special thanks to my friends who succumbed to my brow-beating on Sunday.

Feel free to leave comments on this post, but starting Wednesday all posts will be at I’ll leave a light on so stragglers can find their way.

Now, can anyone name the movie reference in the title?


Post Up at Ermas
November 19, 2010

Today my a post  Can I Tell You a Secret is up at the Army of Ermas blog. Please go check it out!


The Circle of Life. Or Meat.
November 12, 2010

*cues theme song to The Lion King*

Do you remember the cows? At the time there was a bit of debate as to the fate of the two cows grazing in the field near my house. My mother finally ended the discussion when she announced they were beef cows and wouldn’t be around much longer.

That was in July. Since then I’ve watched the field, anxious for the day they disappeared.

About two weeks ago, three baby cows appeared in the far end of the field in a separate, fenced-off area. My first fear was that they were veal cows. There was a veal farm near my high school and every time we went into town I’d cringe at the tiny cow houses (like dog houses and not much bigger) where these animals lived. I don’t know a lot about raising veal, but my understanding is they keep them in there so they can’t get very big. Rows and rows of houses. Very depressing. It’s also why veal is the only meat I refuse to eat.

Anyway, I was nervous that was the fate for these cows (because being slaughtered as an adult is so much better, but it seems like infanticide…) but even more worried about the two grown cows. Oh wait, I said two, didn’t I? There used to be three, but at some point their numbers were reduced by one. Labor Day picnic, perhaps?

The two cows remained in the larger field, but some days I’d notice them close to the fence, like they were talking to the babies. Maybe they were telling them how to plot an escape. I knew it was only a matter of time before they’d be gone, but that didn’t lessen the surprise the day I came home and the three baby cows were grazing in the front field, looking a little overwhelmed.

They’ve got big shoes to fill.

Yet Another Example of Truth Being Stranger Than Fiction
November 8, 2010

Today is my divorce hearing. The past couple months, while stressful, have been relatively smooth (mom, it’s all a matter of perspective) and this date has arrived with little fanfare.

My friends and family have been very supportive since we first decided to split up, but I found an ally in one person I didn’t anticipate. I have an aunt who’s also going through a divorce, and over the summer we discovered that we could talk to each other in a way we couldn’t with anyone else. (At least that was the case for me.) Yes, I have friends who’ve been divorced and they’ve offered wonderful advice, but there’s something about talking to someone who’s going through it at the same time that’s especially helpful. Plus, most people — no matter how supportive — get tired of divorce talk after a period of time.

This morning I’m meeting my aunt for breakfast before I head to the courthouse, but she’s not joining me for moral support. As fate, luck, or whatever-you-want-to-call-it would have it, her court date is also today. At the same time. In the same courtroom. With the same judge.

And to top it all off, we’re both going back to our maiden names — Hooyenga. You can bet the judge doesn’t see THAT every day.

Oh hi
November 1, 2010

My long weekend got away from me and I forgot to schedule a post. Details on the zombie conference coming Wednesday!

After Eight Months I Still Flinch When Opening a Cupboard
October 25, 2010

Yes, I lived in fear of cockroaches for three years, but you’d think that after going EIGHT months without seeing one I’d calm down a bit. It’s not like an eight-legged creature (although really, I swear some of them had easily a dozen hairy, spiny legs) jumped out at my every time I opened a cupboard, but it happened enough that I learned to be on my guard.

Most of the time they were the smaller ones — less than an inch long — and I’d thwap them off the door with a hand towel. (Sanitary, right?) Then I’d scoot them off the back deck for the neighbors down below to deal with OR, if I was feeling adventurous, I’d smush it with my flip flop. Yum. But every now and then a behemoth would scurry across the edge of the cabinet, claiming it and everything in it as his own.

THAT’S why I still flinch.

Have you ever paid attention to the inside of a cupboard door? Most have a little metal thing near the edge that secures it when shut. Well that, my friends, is roughly the same size as the baby cockroaches, and that’s what makes me jump. Every time.

Maybe I need to start keeping everything on the counter?

Do you have an unreasonable fear of something that in actuality isn’t a threat?

Also, have you seen my new blog header?

October 15, 2010

Adam tagged me over ten days ago so I’m a bit tardy with this meme, but I’m ready to share!

1. If you could have any superpower, what would you have? Why?
This answer always changes for me, but right at this moment (8:10pm on Wednesday evening) I’d like to be able to read other people’s minds. Maybe I’d walk by an agent’s office… you know…

2. Who is your style icon?
Gwenyth Paltrow was the first person to come to mind.

Since Adam also included writing, I’ll say Jodi Picoult.

3. What is your favorite quote?
“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away.” I’ve loved that long before Hitch said it.

4. What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?
“You’re American?” After seeing me salsa dance.

(Again, that’s the first that popped into my head. I also like “Damn, girlie, you can write!”)

5. What playlist/CD is in your CD player/iPod right now?
No CD player or iPod. Stone age here I come.

Oh! I do have iTunes on my computer but I haven’t played anything in months.

6. Are you a night owl or a morning person?
I’ll always consider myself a night owl but the fact that I get up at 5am kind of argues against that point. Lately I’ve been staying up until midnight, so does that still count?

7. Do you prefer dogs or cats?
Let me direct your attention here.

8. What is the meaning behind your blog name?
The first three letters are from my last name, Hooyenga, but I cannot take credit for coming up with it. A couple years ago a certain bunny on the writing forum would get antsy whenever I’d mention my blog and shout (well, type loudly, ‘cuz, you know, we’re on the internet) “Hoosblog!” When I left Mexico and decided to start a new blog, and Hoosblog seemed like the obvious choice.

And there you go. Hopefully you’ve learned something new about me today. I’m not going to tag anyone but if you decide to do this on your own blog please leave a comment in this post.

AND, I finally added all the social media icons so get sharing!

More on Memory
October 11, 2010

While driving across the state yesterday something in my peripheral vision caught my eye, and in the split second that I glanced at the sky it struck me that the swirl of clouds against the blue sky looked JUST like a marble I had when I was eight.


The mind is such an interesting thing. I haven’t thought of those marbles in years (at least not about the specific colors and designs) yet in that brief moment, while driving 75+mph on the highway, that’s where my mind immediately jumped.

Is there something you’ve seen recently that’s taken you back to either your childhood, or another time in your past?

The Curse of a Good Memory
October 8, 2010

I have a really good memory. Ridiculous, some might say. Unfair, others (men) may complain. Usually it’s a good thing. I love being able to recall odd facts about things that happened fifteen years ago, but sometimes all that information gets a little… cumbersome.

I never really thought about it until yesterday morning, but every day when I first think of the date for that day (for example, over coffee this morning I’ll think “Oh, it’s October 8th”) I then try to remember whose birthday it is. Seems odd, right? Of course it’s someone’s birthday, but more times than not I’ve crossed paths with a person with a birthday every day of the year.

I have a weird thing about remembering dates (yesterday was the one-year anniversary since my grandmother’s surgery) and I’ve moved around A LOT, therefore I’ve met a lot of people and those details stick with me. November 24th: guy I dated for three months in 1997. March 3rd: friend from elementary school. April 16: two friends from high school and another friend’s little girl. And on and on and on.

This talent, if you want to call it that, isn’t infallible. There are a couple friends whose birthdays WILL NOT stick in my head for the life of me. I cannot explain how much this perplexes me.

So, this seems to be becoming a theme. Any more weird things about you you’d like to share?

My Clumsiness Knows No Bounds
October 6, 2010

I think I’m the only person who can rip my toenail while walking across a level room with minimal obstacles. I was even wearing shoes!

Let’s back up a moment. (Careful there!)

My shoes slip a little and sometimes come off my heel when I’m walking, but this isn’t a new problem for me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stepped completely out of my shoes. Sometimes it’s because the heels gets caught in something (I like my stilettos) but that’s not a requirement.

So the other day I’m walking to the front of the office when I stepped completely out of my shoe. Here’s where it gets weird. In that split second I managed to step right back INTO my shoe, HOWEVER, my toenail got caught on the edge of the shoe and—you guessed it—ripped. After shouting and shrieking and flailing about, I checked for blood (none), then continued on my way.

I’ve since clipped them, thank you very much. I also noticed I’m sadly in need of a pedicure.

So, your turn. What hooeys have you pulled lately?

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