Last week I had the honor of meeting another online writing friend, Erica. We’ve been friends for a couple years and even though I’ve been in Michigan for over eight months, this was the first time we’ve gotten together.

She drove an hour and a half (!!) to join me at a local NaNo write-in. I’ve met quite a few online friends over the past year so my biggest concern was not recognizing her (Starbucks was filled with brunettes when I arrived) but I was her first. Once I realized that, I thought back to meeting MY first online friend and how nervous I was, but Erica was fine. We split a blueberry dessert minutes after meeting and debated skipping the write-in altogether. (Which probably would have been more productive.)

Neither of us had attended a write-in before and weren’t really sure what to expect. I haven’t sat in a roomful of people and been expected to write since high school, and even then I still talked to my neighbor. (Shocking, no?) We arrived about half an hour late (that dessert was goooood), sat down, and started taking pictures.

It’s a very important part of the writing process. Don’t question it.

There were maybe ten people there and while everyone had their laptops out (except for one girl writing by hand, oy) no one seemed to be actually writing. Conversations popped up at each table, then we all introduced ourselves. No one really knew what to say when I said I’m querying my novel from 2008. Maybe they aren’t writing with publication in mind, I don’t know.

Anyway, we shifted to the sofas since Erica’s computer was dying, and I was able to bang out 500 words — but that’s only because we did a word wars thing through the NaNo website. After the word wars one girl proceeded to tell us the plot for her SEVEN book series, then which jeans make her butt look good. Srsly.

Erica stopped at my house afterwards to meet Owen, who would NOT leave her alone. After twenty minutes of him gnawing on her fingers and trying to make her face his own, she headed out for the hour and a half drive home. Then I went back to writing.

We’re meeting again this Saturday, but I think we’ve agreed to skip the other writers and just do our own thing. And maybe go to dinner — but only after we meet our daily word goal.


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  1. Hey that’s ME! :) It was so great to meet you on the wet and windy day in Chicago. I hope we can do it again.

    • Amy, that was a fun day! I’d forgotten about the shooting.

  2. OMG, I clicked over to your old post. I’d forgotten about the cupcakes. How could I have forgotten about the cupcakes!!! :-)

    • Mmm… cupcakes. I may have to get some when I’m there in a couple weeks.

  3. How cool!! Looove meeting online friends!! Sounds like a blast!

    • It was! I thought it was funny that we shared dessert within five minutes of meeting. But dessert is serious business.

  4. Yay! Two of my favourite people/bloggers/writers/Michiganers in one place! ;-)

    Love that finger pic. Glad you had a good time! ;)


    • Yay! It was fun! And we talked about you. :P

      • Should I be worried? :P


  5. Fun!!! I haven’t tried to do anything with writers groups and clubs nearby. I have this vision of them being pretentious and smoking pipes. (no idea why). Glad you had fun even if it wasn’t word productive.

    • Jen, the vibe I got from this group was not what I expected. I’m still waiting to encounter a writer who actually smokes a pipe. Or wears one of those red velvet jackets.

  6. That sounds like a blast! Funny that Amy was your first. I remember the cupcakes, and I wasn’t there! LOL!

    Good luck!

  7. LOL! I cracked up at the 7 book series with the jeans making her butt looked good! And then of course the photo of you on the couch!

    So fun that you and Erica can write together!

  8. Cool. I still sadly have met no one I did not already know.

    • Travis, I’m so bummed for you that your writers’ retreat fell through. :(

  9. LOL. This is awesome. It was so great to meet you! And Saturday was a blast too!! OMG that girl was uber annoying. Her voice was like razor blades on chalkboard!!

    It was so much fun ;o) Can’t wait to do it again!!

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