Zommmmmbies! (part 1)

I try to live my life by the mantra that if I go into a situation without any expectations — good OR bad — then more times than not I’ll end up having a good time. (Not that I didn’t expect anything but FUN with Jen and Stacey…)

This past weekend was no exception. After my four and a half hour flight to Seattle — during which I plotted my nano novel (yay!) — I galloped (yes galloped) into the arms of Jen!

(I swear I didn’t copy her post — I didn’t realize we used the same descriptions until after I wrote this. But check hers out for pictures.)

I hiked through the airport with her adorable family, then drove through a rainy Seattle (who knew?) to the Barnes & Noble where Stacey was signing books. Except she wasn’t there.

Turns out B&N had a booth at the actual convention. After much running in the rain and lamenting the jokers that kept moving the “you are here” dots on the directional maps, we found her!

That’s also when I met Scott, the author I interviewed last Friday. I attended their panel with writers Jesse and Scott, where I learned that zombies are people, too, then our entire entourage headed to dinner at a Chinese restaurant with the oddest menu I’ve ever seen. (Precious Nuts anyone?)

I was a little star-struck by all these published authors. And not just published — multi-published. We didn’t talk shop ALL night since half our group were non-writers, but it was fascinating to hear their stories. (I bought a book from each of them so my stash of autographed books doubled!)

We continued the evening at a couple places near the hotel where I learned that one person has been to Zihua several times (and lives a block from where I lived in Chicago), Stacey and Jen are super hugable and fun to take pictures with, and it is, in fact, today.

Tune in Friday for the rest of the story and more pictures!


10 Responses

  1. Love it! What a great time.

  2. It really was. I haven’t laughed that much for that long in quite a while.

  3. Since Chicago prolly ;) Can’t wait for part 2!

    • I actually thought that exact same thing when I typed that. :)

  4. It was super exciting to finally meet after all these years online!! (more hugs!!)

  5. My precious nuts! Oh, and the faux Chinese food too…

  6. I love your mantra – I need to adopt that!

    Special nuts? LOL!!!

    So glad you had a great time!!

  7. Yes!!! I have the same mantra. Of course, mine has become “I go into any hospital without any expectations…” LOL. Looks like you had a great time. Much awesomeness to you :-)

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