Stop! NaNo Time*

It’s that time of year! NaNoWriMo — National Novel Writing Month for those of you not in the know — starts November 1st and I’ve already signed up. NaNo challenges writers to write a novel in a month. Simple, right?

Yeah, yeah. Stop laughing. It’s been done before. Even by me. After the Fall, which I’m querying now, was a nano novel (affectionately titled nanonovel08 until I got to the second draft).

The thing that most concerns me is I’ve yet to write a novel while working a full time job. I know there are gazillions of people who do this every day — some even have FAMILIES — but I’m trying to be realistic. I fully expect this to be a challenge for me and I’m okay with not hitting the 1667 words a day goal. I’m mostly excited to be a part of the delirium.

For those of you who don’t write, consider this your warning that the month of November may be heavy on the writerly talk. I hope you stick around to cheer on me and my conanoers (tee hee, I just made that up) and if you’re good maybe I’ll tell you what my novel’s about before the end of November.

Now.. roll call! Who’s in?



* The post title is for Lisa.


23 Responses

  1. Hi Melanie,
    I’m definitely one of the NaNoers. It’ll be my first time this year and I expect it to be a challenge (I actually blogged about that today). I suspect my full time job will require overtime a few days over the month but I don’t have kids.

    Good luck with your query and we’ll make sure to cheer each other through NaNo. ;)

    *practices her writerly warcry*

    • Hi Aheïla! Your blog is great!

      I don’t have kids either so I always feel guilty complaining about a lack of free time. In the end that serves as my motivation.

      Good luck. :)

  2. Me, Me! *raises hand* but you knew that ;o) I can’t wait for this year’s NaNo should be off the hoozook! Oh man, did I really just write that. Yes. I know I have a full time job and it’s in a mall office during holiday, yes it’s nuts over here… but somehow I do it… I take lots of naps ;o)

    Good luck! See you in the NaNoTrenches and for our write in, of course!!

    • Yay! I can’t wait to meet you!

      ROFL… hoozook…

      Who has time for naps?

  3. Me!!!!

    • And good luck! If anyone can do it, you can!

      • I hope so. I’m setting my sights much lower this time around so I can still sort of succeed. I think after the first week I’ll have an idea about how the entire month will go.

    • Yay!

  4. ok… so am i correct in assuming the title is a rip on “HammerTime”??? That’s friggin’ funny!

    Dudette, good luck! Times are just too crazy for me to even consider it! I love the idea and will definitely be giving you the periodic shout out! But I don’t think I’ll be, “stick around to cheer on me and my conanoers”… Me thinks your nanoer delirium has started early? LOL!

    Whatchu going to be for Halloween?


    • Yes sir, you are correct.

      You’re not going to cheer on the conanoers? Pffft. :P

      I just bought an overly simple cat costume — ears, tail & collar — because I’m traveling and we don’t actually know where we’ll be going. I don’t even like cats.

  5. *gulp*

    I haven’t NaNo’d yet. I’ll have to wait until the munchkins are both in school full-time. So… the year after next I’ll be there! However, I will be working on my WIP at a slower pace and cheering you on!

    Good luck!!

    • Jen, that works perfectly for me because something tells me I’ll stick to the every other year schedule for NaNo. Then we can help you through it!

  6. Nope!

    Good luck, though. :)


    • Oh Adam, come on!

      • Nuh uh. But have fun! :D


  7. I’m not doing it this year either. But I will be working on my current WIP and SFF Sekrit Santa. I’ll stop by to cheer everyone else on though.

    • I edited during NaNo last year and it was still fun being part of the writerly hoopla. Good luck with your wip!

  8. Not me, but I will happily cheer you on!!! I tried one year, and became a drop out. :( Maybe I’ll get back on that horse again in a couple of years. Yee ha!

    • I think you attempted during my first year because I still had you listed as a buddy. :)

  9. I’m excited for you!! And although I’m not doing it, I will cheer you on! Cause if you can’t be an athlete, at least be an athletic supporter. :)

  10. WAHOOOOO!! I’m famous on Hooey’s blog!!!

    Not that I deserve it because I totally read the whole post, snickered over the blog title which made me picture Hooey in Hammer Pants, and didn’t, DID NOT, see my name.

    Blonde moment. Yes, I haz them.


    • ROFL! Lisa I was surprised I didn’t hear from you. :P

      *dances about*

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