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While driving across the state yesterday something in my peripheral vision caught my eye, and in the split second that I glanced at the sky it struck me that the swirl of clouds against the blue sky looked JUST like a marble I had when I was eight.


The mind is such an interesting thing. I haven’t thought of those marbles in years (at least not about the specific colors and designs) yet in that brief moment, while driving 75+mph on the highway, that’s where my mind immediately jumped.

Is there something you’ve seen recently that’s taken you back to either your childhood, or another time in your past?


12 Responses

  1. It’s funny how that happens. I did just recently have that happen but what it was escapes me right now.

    • It happens to me more often with smells, so this one caught me off guard.

  2. I do that a lot with smells. Long forgotten memories spring to the front of my mind just from a whiff of crab paste. :P

    (I had it a lot at parties as a kid)

    Also, eyes on the road!


    PS – *poke*

    • So many smells trigger memories for me. I believe that’s the most common trigger. I think. Or something.

  3. Just like Southpaw, I had a recent memory, but I forgot what it was. *scratches head*

  4. I get deja vu a lot. Something happens and I’m certain I dreamed it. Um…. don’t think me too weird, but I have seen the future more than once. I can’t remember the past, but I can often remember the future, LOL!

    • You see the future? That’s so cool!

      I get deja vu a lot too and that has a big role in my upcoming YA book. :)

  5. I love moments like that!

    We recently found some of my old stuffed animals (which my daughters have now adopted) and with at least two or three of the plush things, I was thrown back into specific memories with them. They can bring on strong feelings, those memories.

    • That is so sweet that they want your stuffed animals. I don’t think I have any of those saved anymore.

  6. Love that they sky reminded you of a marble! Certain smells or sights take me back. Just the other day, we were driving upcountry (lots of farms) and it was raining and it reminded me so much of my childhood times in the south of England.

    And now I really want to take a Europe trip…

    • I love that smell. It always makes me think of happy things.

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