The Curse of a Good Memory

I have a really good memory. Ridiculous, some might say. Unfair, others (men) may complain. Usually it’s a good thing. I love being able to recall odd facts about things that happened fifteen years ago, but sometimes all that information gets a little… cumbersome.

I never really thought about it until yesterday morning, but every day when I first think of the date for that day (for example, over coffee this morning I’ll think “Oh, it’s October 8th”) I then try to remember whose birthday it is. Seems odd, right? Of course it’s someone’s birthday, but more times than not I’ve crossed paths with a person with a birthday every day of the year.

I have a weird thing about remembering dates (yesterday was the one-year anniversary since my grandmother’s surgery) and I’ve moved around A LOT, therefore I’ve met a lot of people and those details stick with me. November 24th: guy I dated for three months in 1997. March 3rd: friend from elementary school. April 16: two friends from high school and another friend’s little girl. And on and on and on.

This talent, if you want to call it that, isn’t infallible. There are a couple friends whose birthdays WILL NOT stick in my head for the life of me. I cannot explain how much this perplexes me.

So, this seems to be becoming a theme. Any more weird things about you you’d like to share?


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  1. You definitely got that from me. People have always said to me “How can you possibly remember that???” Things like how much each of my employees hire dates (back when I had 200 employees). Unfortunately, this talent has diminished a bit over the years, so “enjoy” it while you can!

    • I’ve already noticed it starting to diminish and it’s SO frustrating! I get no sympathy for not being able to recall things so I realize I’ve definitely taken this ability for granted.

  2. Obviously my ability to put together a coherent sentence has diminished too. I could recite both how much an employee made and their hire date…

    • I tried to puzzle that out then decided Owen must have jumped on you while you were typing. :)

  3. I rely heavily on Facebook and Google calendar to remind me of dates and schedules. If numbers are not arranged “correctly” I have a difficult time remembering them. I never memorized my last cell # because the numbers didn’t make ‘sense’ but I had my recent cell memorized in moments. I can’t tell you what that magical formula is, there is no rhyme or reason to it. Its just the way this Turkey brain works.

    • Tell me more ways the Turkey brain works. :)

      I need to get my calendars synced. I’ll write a date in one place then can’t find it. Not so helpful.

  4. First, let me just caution on posting a question “…any more weird things about you, you’d like to share…” especially when I am one of many that may happen to run across such a post. As I am sure you can relate, I may have a weird thing or two that ‘usually’ I would most assuredly share. For example, why do i still make a concious effort to pronounce Front Room instead of frunchroom? LOL!

    • Yeah, you are an odd duck. :P

    • AND, who even calls it that anymore?

    • Um, because people make fun of you for it? You must have grown up near Chicago and lived in a bungalow, no? My husband thinks it’s the craziest thing that I say frunchroom, but it feels all wrong to say front room. I’m glad to hear there is another person out there who still has to work at it…

      (Hi Melanie! I love your blog. I ‘know’ you from reading AW a few years ago.)

      • Hi Barb! Now I’m curious who you are. :)

        Yes, that pretty much describes where Kevin grew up, although I’m not positive it was a bungalow. Good ear!

  5. Awwww! LOL! That’s hilarious! I love and admire your memory.

    I used to know people’s phone numbers really well, but then after we stopped actually dialing them, I don’t even know my best friend’s!

    • I was always good at that too, but now I barely know anyone’s. It feels weird.

  6. Mine’s June 14th. Just sayin’. ;)

    Um, weird stuff… Nope can’t think of anything. I’m perfectly normal, me.


    Why are you looking at me like that?


  7. Yesterday I was trying to remembers whose birthday it was. No. Seriously. STOP GETTING IN MY HEAD.

  8. I have an excellent memory which often gets Matt in trouble, lol.

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