When I was in Mexico I complained A LOT about how hot it was. The heat, the humidity, the no air conditioning, the sun, the heat, the humidity, the bugs (wait, that’s a different problem), and the never-ending heat.

Oh, and also the heat.

So it’s with no small amount of pleasure that I welcome fall. Yes, I realize there’s still three weeks of summer, but not in western Michigan. The leaves are turning, falling, and blowing all over the place, four deer have run in front of my car in the past week, and best of all, I’ve had to wear a jacket!

Several homes along out street have gardens and yesterday on my way to work I noticed a patch of ENORMOUS pumpkins. HUGE! Just laying every which way in the dirt. (Yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve been to an actual pumpkin patch. In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever been to one.) Now I’m daydreaming about picking pumpkins, carving the daylights out of it (or putting them in…), and toasting pumpkin seeds.


I live far enough out in the boonies that I know I’ll start smelling leaves burning. In fact, I passed a smoldering pile on my walk last night. As long as I can block out the blasts from the duck hunters, I’ll be content.

What do you look forward to as summer fades away?


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  1. Winter is on top of the mountains. The rain still falls here. The smoke of fireplaces smells of pine and maple burning. Very soon we’ll be bundled in heavy jackets drink gluhwein at local festivals and feeling the snow hit our noses. Thankfully, there is high-speed night sledding for someone who cannot ski. There is also a ski jumping venue that should host one or two events. Sunsets on the Alps filled with snow are fairly spectacular.

    However, as summer dies and winter takes the stage, it brings the two props with it that I savor more than any others: the return of the Detroit Red Wings and the Oakland Raiders

    • *has an urge to go to Germany* You must be a writer or something. :) I’d love to sled at night.

      Ahh yes, the Red Wings.

  2. Woop! I love autumn (or fall, if yer weird)! :-)

    S’colder, windier, rainier, and the place smells goooooood.


  3. I love fall. We are pushing things at our house…as of last night, we are proud owners of a ‘scary shark’ Halloween costume. It’s very exciting. The down side was that we passed a huge carton of pumpkins in Meijer and he was so mad that we didn’t get one. Try explaining to a 3-year-old that it is so much more fun to go pick apples and go to a pumpkin patch.

    I still love to go out on the hayride, pick apples and then back home make lumpy applesauce. Yum. I like the decorating and colors for fall…the candles and throw blankets that have been waiting all summer to come back out around my house. Being cozied in for the night with a good book. Fall is good.

    • Now you’ve got me thinking about costumes for Owen, which I saw at lunch.

      You will be bringing this applesauce to work, no?

  4. I love the season changes. I am looking forward to a cozy couch and my blankie with a good book, stew or chili simmering on the stove and the sound of a storm outside while I am all warm and snuggly inside! Oh yes, and nice smelly, pretty candles all around!

    • Mary that sounds great! I want to be snuggly on the couch.

  5. Welcome to your first Fall in ages!! :D

    We have a loong fall season too. (I think I am more North than you, but we don’t get as cold.) I love the trees during this time of year. Bright reds, yellows and oranges against a background of green firs. I also like the smell of the burning leaves and driving around the piles of apples that the apple trees have dropped on the street. The best part… when the winds pick up in November, they blow all of those leaves away. No idea where they end up, but my lawn is cleared! ;)

    Enjoy your Fall!!

    • Thank you, I’m very excited! :)

      I love the magic of fall. Leaves look pretty then vanish!

  6. Goodbye flip flops. Hellooooooooo boots!!

    • Speaking of which, I’m going boot shopping tomorrow!

  7. I can’t hear the words ‘duck hunt’ without thinking of the Nintendo game.

    I got so excited today when I went into a store and they had candy cane! YAY!! I <3 the fall and Halloween.

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