That’s Awesome

If you’ve ever talked to me for more than five minutes, you’ve probably heard me say the word awesome. And probably more than once.

You see, I have a slight addiction to the word.


Awesome awesome awesome.

Just got a new car? Awesome.

Your baby slept through the night? Awesome.

Finished your novel? Sooo awesome.

Yeah, I can’t stop. It may not seem like it, especially on Facebook, but I actually censor myself and don’t allow myself to say awesome nearly as often as I want to. So if I ever say something is great or fantastic, know that my instinct was to say Awesome!

Okay, ‘fess up. What word do you overuse in your everyday life?


26 Responses

  1. Believe it or not: awesome. I hate that word yet constantly say it. :P

    While writing, I often pop in “just.” grrrrrrr

    • I lurve it so. How can you hate awesome?

  2. Indeed.

    I also use it in dialogue too much, then have to edit them away. ;)


    *Awesome poke*

    • Oh, and ‘dude.’ Waaaaaaay overuse that one. ;)


      • I can’t see you saying dude! Or hear you…

      • I use it a lot in online stuff (MSN, emails etc), but not speech. It doesn’t suit the English accent. :P


      • That makes sense. :)

    • Indeedily!

  3. So. like, I totally dunno. I’m like so totally torn. I so use awesome a lot, like totally so… can’t say with any yanno, like certainty. Totally. Awesome post, man. ;)

    • Dork. I say totally, but not nearly as often as awesome. :)

  4. I also use the word awesome all the time. I always think I sound like a thirteen year old. No offense:)

    • Hey, doesn’t offend me! I just hope people don’t think I’m insincere.

  5. I used to overuse words like “perhaps” and now I think I overuse “cool.” *sigh*

    • Nothing wrong with cool in my book. That’s another I overuse.

  6. “Cool”. It soooo dates me. Lol. I cringe everytime I say it. *sigh*

  7. I’ll switch from cool to awesome. I think it is a side effect of being a teen in the 80s. ;)

    • I’m blaming that. Except I wasn’t quite a teen in the 80s.

      Oh wait, yes I was. Okay, I’m safe.

      • Whew! You almost made me feel old. ;)

      • :)

  8. I’ve recently noticed that I’ve started saying awesome in reference to things – I wonder if I picked it up from you?

    My word of the moment is amazing – I just had to remove 7 different occurences from my WIP, lol.

    • Nadine, I’m SURE you got it from me. It’s probably in every email at least to or three times!

      Amazing seven time? Wowza! I just deleted about 42 instances of “back”.

  9. I’m “awesome”, too! I like the word awesome. It’s awesome.

    • Yay Robin! We can be awesome together. :)

  10. I say cool beans a lot. I also say dude.

    • I went through a phase with that too. :)

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