That’s a Lot of Paper!

Look! I finished my edits and printed out After the Fall in its entirety!

Yes, there are TWO red pens waiting for me. Because I’m ahead of schedule I have a whopping NINE days to proof the hard copy and still meet my goal of finishing by September 1st.


22 Responses

  1. Bloody hell! Lookit those margins! :D

    How many pages is that? ;-)


    • One inch.

      *looks around*

      So I should have shrunk those a bit first? The first page has a lot of short sentences so they just look narrower…


  2. I shrunk mine down a bit, and used 12 TNR with 1.5 spacing, which turned 72k into 187 pages. It left me plenty of space for most notes, but I have to use a notebook for the longer notes. :-)


    • Yeah, I didn’t really think about it. It’s 343 pages. Oops.

      • Ah well, think of the bragging potential. ;-)

        “My MS is 343 pages! And I edit 40 a day!”


      • Something like that… :)

  3. Wow! That’s a lot of papers.

    • I know! I brought a stack with me to work and got through about 20 pages. I think I need to do more tonight.

  4. Congrats on this milestone.

    I make my margins bigger for edits. The few extra pages of print means I have all the notes next to the area I am dealing with. I use 1.5 margins and 2 spacing. I burn a ream of paper with the end of chapter blanks, but that is better than having to search for notes. And, in the end, I store the copies for posterity. If I ever have to go back ( I did, resold a book and had to find my notes) they are all compiled in one rubber banded place.

    • Yes, that’s EXACTLY what I intended to do. Bigger margins for notes!

      *cowers at the thought of all those notes*

  5. Congrats and I too use 1 inch margins I like to see it in the correct format the way it will look when i send it off.

  6. Definitely worth the extra paper to have plenty of room to write. Then again, I might just be projecting my own handicaps; I write like a kindergartener holding one of those fat pencils.

  7. It looks very impressive. Having read it, I know it’s very impressive! I’m excited for you!

    • Robin, you’re so sweet. I love your comments — they’ve been VERY helpful!

  8. Since I can see that picture was taken outside, I’m getting nervous that a big breeze will come by. *pictures the scene with Colin Firth from Love Actually *

    That’s awesome that it’s all printed out and you’re ahead of your goal! Yay!

    • Love that movie.

      I was very careful — there was very little breeze and the pens weighed down the top sheets enough for me to snap a couple quick pics.

  9. It does look impressive! I’m impressed. I printed out 20 pages of my WIP once. It’s the only time I ever printed something out. I do send to my Kindle, sometimes, to edit it, but you know me… I’ve gone paperless!

    • lol, once. I think I’ve printed one short story. Maybe I should print more now that I know I have a laser printer 15 feet from my desk!

  10. So that’s where all our trees went! I was wondering what happened to them. ;)

    *blows on papers*


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