Snip Snip, Part Two

I didn’t intend for this to be a series, but there’s been more snipping in my life. First, I believe I spoke too soon when I said that Owen was recovering well from his surgery last Friday. Wednesday morning he had to go back to the vet to have a suture restitched and now… you guessed it! He’s wearing a cone.

See his blog for pictures.

Next, I gave into an urge I’ve had for quite some time and finally chopped my hair. Five inches be gone!

I’m visiting my grandmother this weekend and I can’t wait to hear what she thinks!


8 Responses

  1. Poor Owen but love the new do!

  2. Looking good.

  3. Me likey!!

    Mine needs some snipping too. Someday I’ll make an appointment.

    Glad Owen is now back on the mend and sporting a fancy cone.

    Have a super weekend!!

    • I can’t wait to see pics after your snip!

  4. Love the new cut!!

    Glad Owen is on his way to feeling better!

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