The Fixer

I spent a lot of time this weekend fixing things. My wip, my closet, my dog… as well as a couple things that I’ll get into at another time. It’s nice being able to look around after a couple days and see the results of your efforts, don’t you agree?

First, my wip. Despite the fact that it was Coast Guard weekend (if you’re unfamiliar, it’s a BIG deal here), I managed to edit close to fifty pages in my wip. And I passed the halfway mark! Of course I joked on Facebook that it’s all downhill from here. I’m still happy with my progress and hope I can sustain my motivation for the next 148 pages.

Next, my closet. Early last Monday morning (we’re talking 4:30am) the portable wardrobe thing that holds my hanging clothes collapsed. On my bed. While I was sleeping in it. For the past week my clothes have been all over the place, and Sunday I finally bought a replacement. Yay for neat and organized belongings.

Finally, my dog. Owen’s surgery went very well. So well, in fact, that I was denied the one joy I’ve been looking forward to since we picked out a male puppy: the cone. He has no cone. Fer serious. I’m sorely tempted to fashion one out of things we have around the house just so I can watch him try to function with it. Yes I realize that’s wrong.

But seriously, Owen is doing well and aside from being groggy and wobbly Friday night, he’s been his normal self. Just a little lighter. (No joke. The vet told me his test…les (I’m not writing it out because I don’t want that spam) were HUGE! Way to go Owen!)

After a busy weekend I’m kinda looking forward to a regular week. And yes I realize I probably just jinxed myself.


12 Responses

  1. Good morning!

    Glad everything is back in order!! Unfortunately stuff is still in disarray over here. Someday this new patio/deck/balcony (I have no idea what the official name is) will be finished, and when it is, I will write a celebratory post. :)

    Here is to a ‘regular’ week! (Holds up orange juice)

    • I hope your deckaony is finished soon and you can enjoy it properly.

  2. Very productive weekend. You are so much tougher than me. Once the bathroom mirror in our apartment fell off and crashed into my makeup on the counter, and I went insane and left work. Seriously. If my closet collapsed on my bed I might need to enter a sanitarium.

    • Robin, at least only soft things fell on me. I think the mirror would give me nightmares!

  3. You are delightfully evil to wish a cone on your dog. It’s true that it’s good for hours of delight but the poor dogs always look so shame-faced that I end up feeling bad for them.

    And Owen, you’ll be OK, buddy. You’re still a man.

    • That’s why they call it the cone of shame. :)

      He’s totally fine now. Back to his usually crazy self.

  4. you also fixed a picture for us. ;)

    • Yes, yes I did.

      Wait, that wasn’t this weekend though, was it? Am I losing my mind?

  5. It was the sunday before. I counted it in your week. :)

  6. That was a busy weekend! I’m trying to think if I did anything productive. Hmm… I’m not sure :/

    But I have high hopes for this weekend! (no plans, but as I type this, I plan on being productive)

    • You always seem to find ways to stay busy. Good luck being productive!

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