Snip, Snip

By mid-day today, Owen will be less two round objects and sporting a cone. I’m a little nervous because he has to have actual surgery. Seems his little buggers didn’t want to drop, and now they have to cut him open.

I’m sure he’ll be fine, but feel free to share your animal-in-a-cone stories in the meantime. Pictures to come next week…


10 Responses

  1. Poor guy. Surgery-wise that’s not too bad. I don’t know why he has to wear the “cone of shame”. I’d see if he even bothers with the sutures 1st. (Although it will make for great pics ;))

    • They had to make two incisions because they were all over the place. And don’t forget they never dropped so it was an exploring party. :)

      But no cone!

  2. Cones are what makes the expense of visiting the vet worthwhile. ;)


    • I’m SO bummed there’s no cone. I might have to fashion one from something around the house.

  3. Aw, poor Owen. Hopefully he’ll be up and wagging in no time. And I think he’ll look pretty styling in the cone.

    • He’s wagged a little already, but “up” is not in his vocabulary right now.

  4. The cone of shame and getting your nuts cut off. Owen wins for worse day ever.

    • Since there’s no cone of shame, I think it’s only a bad day. Poor guy.

  5. Poor Owen! Awww, poor guy! Give him a kiss on the forehead for me, will you? Since you’re answering comments in the past tense, I’m assuming he did well?

    *hugs to Owen*

  6. I cheated and looked up top, so I know Owen’s okay. It’s sort of like time travel.

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