Technology Win

By now you know all about my dungeon and the perks — or lack thereof — that come with it.

Well, there have been some big changes this week.

My fourteen-year old nephew stayed with us the first part of this week so my dad had him doing all kinds of things around the house. (That was the arrangement. He made money by helping my dad. We aren’t slave drivers here.) One of the first things on the list was helping him install a cell phone booster.

That’s right. I now get signal in the basement! And the rest of the house!

My dad tested it by calling me on his cell from the basement, but I’ve yet to make an actual call from down there. I’m just so used to communicating with people with other devices that I’ve stopped talking on the phone as often. But the fact that I can text FROM THE COUCH and NOT FROM INSIDE THE TEENY LITTLE WINDOW is huge.


Later that same night (can you believe there’s more?) I mentioned that my DVD player was broken, but I was pretty sure I knew how it needed to be fixed (I just hadn’t gotten around to trying). Something fell on it while it was in storage and the casing was dented, so I asked my nephew to pop off the top, hammer it out, and see if it’d work.

And it did!

This may not sound exciting, but this is a five-disc player that also has radio and an MP3 jack (not that I have an MP3 player to use it with) AND it has surround sound.

Aww yeah, my dungeon is now tricked out.

Have you had any cool gadgets come into your life recently?


19 Responses

  1. Yay! I totally understand your excitment over these things! I haven’t had a new cool gadgets lately…unless you include the beautiful wine stopper and candlestick holders my husband made for me. He works with all kinds of wood for fun, and he has amazing talent. I’d post pictures, but I’m afraid they wouldn’t do him justice. Yes, I’m bragging.

    Back to you…I’m glad your dungeon is tricked out. :)

    • April, I would totally be excited over those. Brag away!

  2. tee hee…huge…

  3. My cool gadgets are in the forms of family and friends helping me move this weekend! LOL

    • Melissa, good luck with the move. I just saw the latest fiasco with the table — ugh!

  4. Yay! :-)

    A few months ago, I got an iPod Touch. Madre dios, those things are awesome!

    I swore I wouldn’t spend much on apps, but it’s full of the damn things (including a funky agent tips one). ;)

    It replaced 3 whole gadgets, which I then sold and almost got my iPod money back. :P


    PS – *Poka poka poka*

    • I knew you’d chime in with your iGadget. :) I’m glad it’s turned out to work so well for you. I’m sure it’s scary when you’re laying out the money and not quite sure if it’ll live up to the hype!

      • Very! ;)


      • :)

  5. I’m pretty sure you can plug your phone into the MP3 jack. If you have Pandora or Slacker (Mr. Turkey’s favorite) then you can stream music through your speakers.

    My latest gadget is a smart phone. But once our new balcony is finished, that will be my latest gadget. After that, a flat shovel so I can get started on making garden beds.

    Glad you’ve got things working in your pad!

    • Ooh, I could try that with my phone. Now that we have a cell phone booster I might even be able to stream from inside the house. Imagine that!

      I can’t wait to see the pictures of the finishied balcony. And a SHOVEL?? That’s almost too much!


  6. HUGE. (that’s what she said) *snicker*

    Hoo-ray for tricked out basements for MC Hoo! My new fabulous love right now isn’t a gadget but my new asics runners. LOL.

    • Lisa, I’m hoping to buy new sneakers this weekend. I need them so badly (as I’ve been saying all over your comments) and I hope this will alleviate my back pain. It’s been acting up since the camping trip in June.

  7. Yay for the cell phone booster!! That’s awesome!! *reaches for phone so I can text* :-)

    And yay for the DVD player!

    I haven’t had any cool gadgets come into my life recently although I did lovingly admire a pasta roller in the store the other day.

    • Yes, text me!!

      OMG, you’re comment about the pasta roller totally made me crack up. That WOULD be a fun gadget!

  8. I’m on hiatus from buying cool toys. I buy a fan and DVD remote for the 360 and the new, shinier and much quieter 360 is released… I buy a 5-sheet shredder, then see that there is a much faster one on sale a couple of days later for half the price… Then there’s the CD player which I bought after considerable thought – only to see it reviewed alongside a much more aesthetically-pleasing one which would have been my first choice if I had known about it beforehand…

    Staying away from shops is hard when I’m working so close to all the main places I like to buy things, so I’ve taken to leaving my credit cards at home. I’ll only end up disappointing myself again.

    • I can relate. I bought my Droid fully knowing that the iPhone would be available with Verizon a couple months later, and now there’s a newer Droid available. I’m okay with it though. I’ll get an iPhone next time.

      I do know how you feel about shopping. I used to be really bad about it, but that’s one thing Mexico instilled in me — not having ANY money really helps you get used to not buying things. :)

  9. Yay for the phone reception and dvd player!

    I’ve been toying with the idea of an i pad. Sometimes at work I need to look something up, and it would be so nice to have one. But I can just use my i phone. But it’s slow with tiny type. Oh, I don’t know…

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