A Review of Sorts

My friends seem to find watching me get reacquainted with the US rather amusing. There are so many things you take for granted living here, and being gone for three years made me forget about some of the smaller conveniences.

Like renting movies.

I finally got myself a membership at a video store last weekend (I know, I know… I need to get Netflix) and I’ve seen several good movies since then. It’s all very exciting for me. Here are my thoughts:

Up in the Air
Love Clooney. Love Anna Hendricks. Love the other chick. Totally lived up to the hype but made me a little sad as it’s all about figuring out if the direction your life is headed is really the direction you want.

She’s Out of My League
I hadn’t heard much about this but was told to watch it (*ahem*) and it was hilarious! The humor was sharper than I expected and the writers didn’t resort to bathroom humor. Well, expect for one scene that takes place IN a bathroom that had me nearly crying.

Whip It
I’d been dying to see Whip It since I first heard about it when they were filming, and I was not disappointed. I loved everything about this movie and now I’ve decided I would make an awesome roller derby girl. As long as I can be the one who skates fast and dodges everyone, because while I can take a hit, I’m not sure how well I can take an elbow to the face.

Holy wow. I REALLY loved this movie. I adore Natalie Portman, and Toby and Jake never disappoint me. This movie asks the question: what are you willing to do to save your own life? It’s very thought-provoking and had me bawling on several occasions.

Valentine’s Day
Was MUCH better than I expected, but not life-changing in any way. I highly recommend you watch the bloopers in the credits because Julia Roberts has a very funny line.

I also watched Leap Year but wasn’t overly impressed. At least not enough to give it my recommendation (although I love the actors in it).

Do you have any recommendations now that I have a shiny new membership card and ample free time on the weekends?


13 Responses

  1. Can’t think of anything lately that was “OMG – you gotta watch this,” but thanks for the leads :D
    I will say though that I thought I would never venture to netflix & I love it. Instant downloads rock & it works out way cheaper than renting. We’ve gotten a lot of old Harrison Ford movies I never would have seen otherwise. *swoon*

    • I’m sure I’ll like Netflix, it’s just a matter of getting signed up for it. I feel weird doing it in my parents house.

  2. You should rent “The Young Victoria”. I thought it was a great look at Queen Victoria as she became the Queen of England. And there’s old style romance! I also liked “Coco Before Chanel” which stars Audrey Tatou from “Amelie” (one of my favorite movies ever!) And I think I’m the last one to see these movies but I recently watched all three Bourne movies and loved them and wondered why on earth I didn’t see them when they came out!

    • Is Emily Blunt in The Young Victoria? I think I saw that on the shelves. And I love Audrey Tatou. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the review. We have Netflix, but can never think of movies we actually want to add to our queue!

  4. Recently saw “Its Complicated”. Thought it was cute, and I alway like Meryl Streep’s work.

    • I’ve heard good things about that, but I don’t know if it’s one I’ll rent. I’m sure I’ll watch it when it rolls around to tv.

  5. I really want to see Valentine’s Day!

    I loved It’s Complicated – Meryl, Steve and Alec = awesome. Also enjoyed An Education.

    Yay for movies! And yes, you totally need to get Netflix :)

    • Nadine, I think you’ll really like Valentine’s Day!

  6. Um… GIJoe? The Losers? Both Transformers? Where are the action flicks? OH! and your boy is in Death Race! I actually enjoyed it! Speaking ‘your boys’, Bounty Hunter & Lawful Citizen were also recommendable. Bringing up ‘bounty hunter’ reminds me of It’s complicated. If you decide to sit down and watch it, make sure you get extra butter on the popcorn or at least a bowl of ice cream!

    • I’ve officially seen both Transformers now. I saw the second one last year in Mexico City and the first in the hotel in Kentucky. Very fun flicks. :)

  7. Felon, is a really good movie. Older, but for some reason most of the people I tell about it have never seen it. Blind Side is good. I thought the Men Who Stare at Goats had some humor to it. Inglourious Basterds was funny as all get out.
    To tell the truth I have not seen a lot of great movies lately. Maybe I am just getting to old for the writers out there(when there is writers, most of the time it is a movie re-made).
    They just don’t move me like they used to.

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