This is How I Celebrated the Fourth

Red, white and blue food!

I also updated my header. BIG weekend!

What did you do? I hope everyone had a safe holiday.


17 Responses

  1. Love the new header! I went to a picnic on the 3rd, and watched the fireworks the same night.

    • Thanks!

      I haven’t seen any fireworks this year, although I did have several pictures texted to me. :)

  2. Friday I saw the Last Airbender (wait for the dvd), Saturday ran errands, surfed the net and went to bed early, Sunday spent the day at the beach, bbq’d with neighbors and then watched the local Fireworks from our porch. Today, get the chores done and try to relax for the week ahead!

    • You HAVE been busy! I rented three movies and loved them all — She’s Out of Your League, Up in the Air, and Whip It. Now I shall become a roller derby diva.

      • Liked ‘Whip It’ too. Now I want a pair of skates. If only we didn’t live on such a steep hill. Portland has a roller derby team. Someday I’ll take the kiddos to watch them. :D

      • I need to bust out my elbow and knee pads. :)

  3. We hosted our annual block party. It was unreal. About 30 peeps showed up. Today will be spent cleaning up.

  4. Yum! Love the patriotic dish. :)
    Went to the beach, bbq’d, and saw great fireworks over the ocean.

    • My mom pointed out that we also had a tomato & mozzarella salad on blue plates, and I could have taken a picture of that. VERY patriotic. :)

      BBQing at the beach is so fun!

  5. Love the new header!

    I spent the 4th on an airplane, but we got to see some fireworks are we were landing so that was cool.

    • Thanks Nadine! That sounds really cool — I don’t think I’ve ever seen fireworks that way. Did you get any pictures?

  6. I love the new header! You’re so damn cute! Ha!

    Yummy fruit. I ate a lot of hot dogs this weekend. My body is not thanking me.

    • Thanks Robin. btw, I love your new avatar. Very sassy.

      Fruit sounds good. I’ve had two hot dogs this summer and have officially met my quota for the year.

  7. Nice bracelet ;)

    We had fireworks at the neighbors & a hay ride :) No red, white & blue food though. I’ll run over & complain later. ;)

  8. Love the new header ;o) Nice food too. Hope you had a great weekend, Mel!

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