Cans From Fans

Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook have already been hearing about this, so I apologize if I’m bombarding you with information.

I make it a point not to talk about work on my blog, but there’s a project I’ve been working on for over a month now that has officially launched. It’s called Cans From Fans and it’s a non-profit food drive that collects non-perishable food items from fans attending community events. The Muskegon Summer Celebration is going on right now and Cans From Fans is collecting for the duration of the event.

The 53-foot semi-trailer parked is across from the main entrance and it looks like a giant billboard. I designed the truck wrap (but not the logo) and it’s very exciting to see something I did so BIG! I’ve also seen a couple of my billboards, but the truck is a first for me.

Check out the Facebook page for photos and updates. There’s even a picture of me in a box.

If you live in the Muskegon area and will be at or near the Summer Celebration, be sure to stop by. I volunteered last night so you won’t find me there, but my coworkers are all very nice and you can say hi to them.


6 Responses

  1. Awesome project! Good luck.

  2. Very cool! Hope it all goes welL!

  3. That is a wonderful thing to do! Very cool to see your work larger than life, too!

  4. Thanks everyone! The word has been slowly spreading and more and more people are bringing cans. The parade was fun but HOT!

  5. […] Cans From Fans […]

  6. What an awesome project!! And so cool you designed the truck wrap!! Can’t wait to see all the photos!

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