Have You Seen My Mama?

*rustling and crashing*

*sniffling and snuffling*


I can’t find my mama anywhere! Do you know where she is? Is she ever coming back?

I looked all over the place and I can’t find her.



16 Responses

  1. Hey, Owen is starting to get used to being spoiled with no limit treats, daytime lap time, and doesn’t have to put up with campground restrictions. (No leash)

  2. Aww… so cute.

  3. *Tackle hug and cuddles*

    She’ll be back soon, sweetie!

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder, y’know? :-)

    *More cuddles and a kiss*


  4. Owen… are you hacking into your mama’s blog again?? Mommies may go away, but they always, ALWAYS, come back!

    • Silly me left it so I automatically log in. I’ll have to remember to fix that next time. I mean…

  5. I have seen her, baby. I promise – I’ll send her back soon. I noticed she stole your backpack. You’ll have to deal with her on that – I’ve already talked to her about it ;)

    • He didn’t even notice it was gone… Plus I brought it back smelling REALLY good.

  6. Owen! Fancy seeing you in a place like this!

    You’re adorable!

  7. What the heck? She didn’t take you with her?

    Poo in her shoe.

    • Hey! No pooing in shoes! I would have taken him if other people brought their dogs.

  8. Don’t worry, little cutie patootie! She’ll be back! And maybe she’ll bring you some nice tree limbs to crunch.

    • No tree limbs, but my things smelled wonderful after getting rained on, then promptly packing. :)

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