Camp Runamuck

This is where I’ll be tomorrow!

I’m leaving after work today to join a group of my writing friends for a camping trip in Kentucky. Squee! This is the same group that I met in Chicago last December and I’m even more excited this time around because the nervousness of meeting them is gone.



11 Responses

  1. Have fun. Don’t let the Bears bite.

  2. Don’t forget mosquito repellant and hiking boots. Most of all, have FUN!

  3. So excited for you! Have a fabulous time, and be safe.

  4. Have a great time! (wishes she didn’t live so far away from y’all)

  5. Coolio. ;-)

    Y’all have fun!


  6. Oh! Have fun!

  7. Jealous! As in MUCH! ;-)

  8. Pretty! Have an awesome time!

  9. YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaYYYYY! Have a great time!!

  10. Wow, with scenary like that – I wouldn’t write a lick. Have an awesome time.

  11. $5 says Leuk cries like a girl during spooky-story time.
    $10 says Stew gets turned on by it.

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