I’ll Never Learn

Saturday I brought Owen to the vet for his one-year rabies shot (that’s right, he’s got a big day coming up) and I asked the vet about obedience classes. He knows basic commands but he’s STILL super excited all the time and I’d like him to greet people without climbing all over them.

(I know some people who greet others this way, but that’s a story for another post…)

Check this out for an example of what I’m talking about.

Despite all this, silly me thought it would be a good idea to stop by the church garage sale with Owen in tow. I managed to walk away with four glass tumblers intact, but I don’t think I’ll be stopping by there again anytime soon…


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  1. Our neighbor’s dog is like that. She super-friendly and excitable. And if you don’t pay attention to her, she shakes her head and goes,”Woof.”

    • Owen definitely speaks up if we aren’t paying enough attention to him. But he usually howls.

  2. You’re referring to me aren’t you? ;) I’ll try not to climb on you when I see you this time dern it! ;)

    • I admit, you may have crossed my mind when I wrote that… but you can climb on me. In fact, I’ll be a little upset if you don’t!

      • that’s what leuk said

      • Yeah, yeah. Name redacted…

  3. So, are you going to obedience classes? I would highly recommend it. It will make a huge difference plus they are a lot of fun! I have seen amazing changes in dogs that are out of control (not referring to Owen!) when they first show up and six weeks later at graduation, they are totally different dogs, focused and behaving. Amazing!

    • Mary, I’d say you got a good idea about Owen’s behavior when you met him. He does listen for the most part, I just need to learn to control his excitability. Too bad I don’t live closer — I could have you whisper to him. :)

  4. Yep, I think it would do the both of you good.
    There are two parts of training in obedience classes, you get knowledge along with the dog.
    I think Owen would surprise you, he is very intelligent and catches on quick. I bet you could teach him tons of stuff.

    • He’s stopped surprising me. Now I expect geniusness from him. I really hope I can get him into agility classes — that would be cool!

  5. Glad you walked away from the church sale with glass still intact!

    I think obedience classes would be a lot of fun for you guys. And you’ll meet other people in the area with dogs – playdates with Owen!!

    • I hadn’t thought about meeting other people, but that’s a good point!

  6. I’ve never managed to get my dogs to stop jumping on people when they come to the house. I have to make sure I’m there, and pushing them away. They don’t poop on my bed or chew my shoes, so I haven’t pursued it further.

    • Robin, that’s kind of how I look at it. He doesn’t eat my belongings so I think he’s great.:)

  7. Obedience school is fun. You can socialize with other dog mommies and daddies. And the dogs enjoy sniffing each other’s rears and meeting new friends. :) Some of the classes will even have little graduation hats for the dogs. :D

    • *tries to imagine Owen with a graduation cap*

      I don’t think that’s gonna work. ;)

  8. That’s pretty good, Melanie! I brought a teapot, two wineglasses and one glass on the road with me. The only glass I brought. Caesar managed to break every last one. *sigh* It’s silly, but drinking out real glass just feels so much better than drinking out of plastic, LOL!

    • It really is nice! We only had a couple glass glasses in Mexico because that’s the one thing I tend to break. I probably won’t use these while I’m in my parents house but I’ll eventually need something to drink from.

  9. Dog training!! Yes, great idea. It helped out our doggies so much. We even took them to the Dog Carnival AKA the Dog Walk. They were great ;o) Good luck!

    • That’s right — I remember that you did that with Maya. I’ll be sure to let you all know what I decide to do.

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