Busy Weekend

Well good morning! I arrived in Kentucky yesterday for my best friend’s wedding and it seems my blog slipped my mind. Sorry about that.

I’m leaving the hotel in three minutes and will spend my day finishing programs, drinking champagne, painting my toes, drinking champagne, rehearsing for the big day, then probably drinking champagne. Oh, and writing a speech at some point too. See I’m the maid of honor so apparently I get to share my thoughts with a roomful of people.

Hmm, doesn’t seem too different from my blog. Maybe I should just think of all you while I’m babbling away.

What do you have going on this weekend?


8 Responses

  1. For crying out loud, Hooey. It’s a wedding. Find some time to fit in champagne, would ya? ;) Have fun! Your speech should be kick ass, si? You are yanno… a writer-n-stuff. :)

  2. Don’t get confused and drink the nail polish, and paint your toes with champagne.

  3. Have fun, Hoosta! ;)

    I will be splitting my time between chatting to my sweetie, writing, keeping the dogs amused, and building an arbour. Ooh, and I’ve been meaning to do a blog post, too… :)


    PS – The joke about the parrot with no legs always goes down well. Especially with the elderly.

  4. Don’t forget the traditional dumping of a cooler of champagne over the bride’s head after she makes a touchdown! Wait. No. Home run?

    I’m hanging out with nefarious writer-types this weekend and making mischief in the Nation’s capital. ;)

  5. There is one big difference in a wedding and a blog. You have to wear clothes when you attend a wedding. No one knows what you are wearing when you blog or read blogs, at least not until Google comes out with the VideoBlogging.

  6. I’ll be spending the weekend packing for a week at Myrtle Beach. No champaign but maybe a couple of those colorful drinks with the little umbrellas in them. Problem is those little umbrellas don’t block too much sun but after two or three, who cares if you get burned???

  7. So fun! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

    I have no solid plans this weekend, just catching up on everything from the last two weeks.

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  8. Wow! Best friend’s wedding/maid of honor is a big deal, and requires a lot of champagne. Have a blast! (I know you will.)

    We went to Baltimore for the Orioles-Red Sox game. It was really fun. I love Federal Hill in Baltimore. It’s so quaint. I could live there, no problem. I guess that would be in my next life.

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