White Girls CAN Jump

I was getting ready for work the other morning and I jumped up to turn on the light–What? You don’t have to do that? You mean your light switch isn’t on the ceiling?


Reaching for light switch

(that’s the teeny window that I have to press my cell phone against to get a signal in the dungeon)

I’m not really sure who designed it this way, whether it was like that when my parents bought the house or if this was my dad’s electrical engineering brainstorm, but there it is. I do have a floor lamp that I use most of the time, but the light on the ceiling points at my clothes, and we all know how important it is to actually SEE your clothes when you’re trying to get dressed. (Really I need it when I’m digging through the dirty clothes, but we won’t tell anyone that.)

So, I have to jump. Usually I get it on the first try, but if I’m at all sleepy or Owen is nearby, it usually takes two or three attempts.

An even more pathetic perspective…

Still reaching for light switch


31 Responses

  1. Video. We need video of this.

    • Travis, that’s gonna be a very bouncy video. It was hard enough to get a picture of my hand. Do you know how many pictures of the ceiling I have? (well not really, I did delete them, but still)


    Can’t breath… world spinning… totally worth it…


    Adam, totally sympathetic. Srsly.

    PS – You’z lickle!

    • Adam, I nearly peed when I read this response earlier today! I’m so glad it was worth it!

      • Pee and light switches are a baaaaaad mix. Just sayin’. ;)


        PS – As always, glad I got a giggle. ;)

      • The odds of me peeing on the lightswitch…

      • Reading my post, have an accident, slip on puddle, pee splashes…

        It could happen! ;)


        PS – I don’t want photos of that. Ew.

      • Yes. Ew.

        We’re heading down a slippery slope here. *snerk*

      • You started it, peepeegirl. ;-)


      • *throws down a piddle pad*

      • The less popular Apple gadget. ;)

      • ROFL!

  3. LOL! I’m thinking design flaw, here. If I had light switches like that, I’d need to develop sonar.

    • Robin, I knew you’d sympathize. The entire basement is like that. I think that’s why we never go in the far end — it’s dark and no one can reach the switch.

  4. I don’t know what is more funny, the thought of you having to jump for the light switch, or Adam laughing at you jumping for the light switch.

    I bet your dad put it there because to him it makes since, he probably didn’t think about having a leprechaun in the basement.

    I bet Owen likes it when you jump around.

    My day is going to go better today just thinking of you having to jump for a light switch.

    I am sorry for your inconvenience but it is funny.

    • My mom just told me that the switches were put in that way after they moved in, so my dad had a hand in it. The house IS made of cinderblock so it was probbaly easier to do that than bust through the wall for the sake of a switch, but still.

  5. Perhaps there is some way of changing it into a pull switch. Maybe you could have some love beads hang from it and you can just pull the light on and off. I have to think of Adam’s health here. If you keep jumping to turn the light off, he could laugh himself into a coma.


    • Still… can’t… breath…


    • Jen, we just rely on hardcover books. Fortunately the bookshelves are RIGHT next to the switch.

      Yeah, yeah. Poor Adam. :P

  6. Um. Ask Owen to get you a stick, babe. ;)

    • Ooh, oooh, you could pick up Owen and train him to use his paw, the two of you could turn on and off light switches everywhere.

      Sorry, but I was having a really bad day and this is so making it better.

    • He just looks at me like I’m crazy. Understandably.


    Have you thought about a stool? I’ll send my 11yr old over to help, she’s 5’3″. You’re welcome.

    • Stacey, a stool would make sense, but my room is already small enough. The bed is right there so I could climb on that, but jumping is so much easier.

      If you send your daughter I promise to corrupt her. :brows:

  8. Hey Hoo,

    Not to *poke* fun at your short comings but this is really quite funny.

    In honor of you I will ask my landlord to change all my switches to the ceiling.

  9. Get a foot stool!!!, Switch and lights replaced a fixed light with pull chain in a ceiling that is 8″ deep cement and all walls are block. Besides I can reach it fine. Maybe this is a temporary problem and one of many little things to make life dificult in the “hole”

  10. LOL – This kinda cracked me up! I wonder what the reasoning was behind the ceiling installation? How funny! Jump! Kris Kross will make you Jump! Jump!

    Okay, now that song is going to be in my head. :)

    • Well if you see my dad’s comment, there was all kinds of logic involved in it. I don’t know…

  11. Oh gosh! That is a teeny window! And wow, I get your posts delivered by email, so I missed these pictures earlier. LOL! That is really high!

    I love the wood wall and ceiling!

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