I Think I Missed My Calling

(WARNING: Most of these links have dirrrrty language)

As some of you may have picked up on, we’ve had hip hop playing all week in the office and it’s completely overrun my life. I cannot get certain songs out of my head and my friends have been ever so helpful in keeping them there.

This song came on during the drive home last night, and first I have to say that Ludacris rocks (and is coming here this summer!), but second — that man talks fast!

Which got me thinking.

I talk fast. I have a good memory. I LOVE singing (even if those around me don’t enjoy it so much) and acting out songs (which I’m pretty sure everyone enjoys). And that leads me to this edition of I Think I Missed My Calling. Only this time instead of cleaning out refrigerators, it’s being a rock/rap star.

They wowed people with their ability to speak REALLY fast, and I can sing that no problem. I know all the words to this is (as the writers I met in Chicago can attest to). And did I mention that I talk really really fast?

So yeah. If this design or writing thing doesn’t work out, I’m totally going on tour.


25 Responses

  1. I’ll be your fan if I get to go on tour with you as a groupie :-D

  2. Please, ma’am, will you create your proposed rapping wardrobe and share it with us? What sort of bling will you choose? Will you carry a pimp cup? And your grill! Do you have a dentist/jeweler to create a new and fabulous grill? Don’t forget you need to keep working on your mad hiphop dancing skillz too and find you a posse to do back-up.

    I support this career choice.

    PS I can’t wait to see Owen blinged out. He’ll be the perfect hiphop mascot.

    • I’m thinking something in black, maybe in a non-breathable fabric, and black strappy stilletos. Beyond that I dunno.

  3. If you tour I promise to throw my underwear onstage.

    no, srsly…

    • Oh I believe you.

      *prepares for some kinda netting to surround stage*

  4. Another reason we get along so well. I complaint. WTF? No Bobby? pffft

    • er…. that I is a 1 ;)

    • Hey, it’s my perogative. If I did every little thing people asked, I’d be like some other chick named Roni.

  5. Lurve me some Ludacris. ;)

    Also, the wordpress youtube player window thingy is awesome. :)

    *Poke poke poke poke you from yo head to yo toes. Or something.*


    • There’s a wordpress player? Hmm, I’ll have to look into that. Pasting links is so easy…

      *bop bop bop bops from my head to my toes*

  6. If you do change careers then I guess I will start listening to RAP.

    As I start thinking about this, you might not be that bad at it. To rap you need to tell a quick story(this ability you also have), you can rhyme and Haiku, you have some of the background history, a small bit but probably more than some of the pretender rappers out there.

    Yep, now that I think of it, I’d buy your songs.

    • Your analysis of this CRACKED me up! I’d make sure my rap is entertaining for ya — no beatin’ down my ho’s or anything like that. ;)

  7. Word, yo! :D

  8. I think we need a video to review your talent! Lol!

    • Ha, that might be a long wait. And I need someone else to take the video… Maybe on my camping trip next month.

  9. My son wants to do your video for the tv. He has two under his belt now, and he has some really interesting ideas for you Salsa HipHop show.

    As his business partner and manager, I think I can get you a good deal on the music video. Let us know…


  10. I love it! Never too late to change your game plan!

    And you even have a dawg. :)

    But wait, what’s your rap name going to be? I’m thinking Hoo-dat.

    • ROFL about the dawg. So true!

      Hoodat is actually my brother’s nickname, lol.

  11. Jen and I get to be your backup dancers! I’ve got my boots with the fuuuuuuuuuuur right here…

  12. I like you preparing to wrap the stage in netting so you don’t get underwear thrown at you. Somehow, I don’t think that goes along with the super cool ho beating rapper image.

    I listened to the songs and came to the conclusion that I’m old and ready to die.

    • Robin, your boys don’t listen to this stuff? Or maybe they do secretly.

      Thanks for calling me out on my non-cool rapper image. :P

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