So What You’re Saying…

I’ve been floundering a bit since shifting blogs. Used to be I either wrote about Mexico or writing, but I’m no longer in Mexico and, frankly, I’m no longer writing. (Although I SWEAR I haven’t quit — I’m still trying to get my schedule under control.) My life in Michigan doesn’t have the same intrigue as when I was cowering from cockroaches and dodging drug dealers and I find myself struggling to find something to say.

(That’s not true. I have plenty to say, I just don’t think it’s that interesting. As opposed to… this? Okay… Yanno, I think I’ll write a post completely in parentheses someday.)

“They” say you should figure out what your readers want and write that, but you guys are all over the place. For awhile my most popular posts were about my car (which, by the way, ROCKS) and now it seems you love it when I tell you I’m a little secretive. Does this mean you want more posts about my car and less about me?

*develops complex*


23 Responses

  1. Figure out what *you* want. Write it. Write it interesting. We’ll read. :)

    • You keep saying that but I don’t know… :)

    • ROFL!! I just noticed your little avatar guy. Is that a tube coming out of your belly?

  2. (whisper) “If you build it, we will come.”

  3. You worry about being interesting when I write about rubber ducks… puh-leze :P

  4. I want lots of Mel posts. Ideally ones I can mock or reply amusingly to. ;-)



    PS – We started reading your blog because we like you, and the way you write. Write about whatever you wish!

    • Well thanks. I like to entertain people but I feel like I need to be all serious. I don’t know where that comes from.

  5. My blog came crashing down a few months ago because of the same question. I had to take some time to think of what I was trying to accomplish with my writing, with my internet presence… It took some time and I’m still not a hundred percent there. I’m starting to wonder what will happen with it when this current story project ends. I suppose it’s a constantly shifting paradigm, one we’ll have to constantly shift and adapt to suit both our readers’ and our needs.

    As your reader, specifically, all I can say is stay true to you, because you have a great voice and a great perspective, and that’s why I pop over here. So, whether you ultimately decide to write about your car, or your non-hazardous life, or your writing, I’ll keep reading.

    • Thanks Avery. I guess I lack confidence that my ramblings are interesting enough to keep people coming back.

      Good luck with your blog. I admire that you tackle such a big project!

  6. We’re not reading the blog for nuggets of information about bugs (sorry, AB) or exotic sunsets, we like chatting with you. The blog just gives us another venue to get to know the Hoo we already like just a little bit better. :D

    • Oh, well gee. Now I’m gonna start blushing.

  7. Perhaps you are looking at your stats too much. Just be ‘you’ and gab about things that are going on in your life. (That you are willing to share) Most of us are here from your Mexico blog and we followed you… not Mexico.


    • I live by my stats. It’s kinda sick.

      I’m glad you all didn’t stay in Mexico. :)

  8. What Lynette said, LOL! We’re here for you. And your personality, too.

    You could do a milkshake post. :-)

    • Natasha, I’m totally gonna have to.

      • did someone say milkshake?

  9. I just love hearing about you and the things you’re up to. Don’t listen to your stats. But if you’re going to play that way, I’m going to run around and hit your blog from several different IPs just to drive you batty. Okay, not really :P

    I say just talk about what’s on your mind. You know, you still haven’t had a Castle post. Yum…

    • Nadine, now you’ve got me thinking about Castle. Mmm…

      You don’t have to do that. Unless you really want to, of course. ;)

  10. Ok first, what Natasha said? Ditto!
    Wait, didn’t Han Solo say that during a particularly ‘moving’ scene??? Speaking of Han Solo… He also is renowned for saying, “never tell me the odds…” Melanie, you’ve done advertising. You know ‘stats’ (awesome word coincidentally) will tell you what ever you are looking for. Stop looking so hard, and you’ll find what’s really important.
    On a personal note, I’ve followed you from wedding reception to club to club… to co-worker to… well, to now. It sounds like most of your friends / followers have similar stories. Keep doin’ whatchur doin’, we ain’t goin’ nowhere… ;-)

    • Hey, look at you revealing yourself! :D You certainly have been there for a lot. Ten years now — can you believe it?

      Thanks Kev. :)

  11. At least you are still blogging. I lost steam when I went back to school and then totally fell off the wagon after school. It’s fun to be a lurker and reading about your adventures, however :) And I like that’s what all your experiences seem to be…adventures :)

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