Garden Party

I’m going to a “garden party” after work today and it’s got me wondering about something. In this particular case, my aunt recently moved into a new home and in lieu of housewarming gifts has asked for items for her garden.

Garden Party.

But I know there are other references to a Garden Party and I feel like I’m missing the boat on something. (Part of me is saying I should google it now and avoid any embarrassment in case it’s some wacky S&M thing, but eh, I’m already here.) There’s a scene in Mr. & Mrs. Smith (with Ms. Jolie and Mr. Pitt) where she’s throwing out all their stuff on the curb and the little neighbor kids ask what she’s doing. She responds, “We’re having a garden party.”

What IS that?

Do you know? Is this really not a big deal? Or am I missing some key component in our nation’s history?


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  1. She wants plantings, but I think that getting a sense of exactly what she needs comes first. For me I want to invite her to pick and choose cuttings from our garden. It is a sharing thing. Your welcome to help her and me with this. But express yourself with a note/card.

    • I wasn’t asking what to bring, just where the phrase comes from. But thanks. :)

  2. *Shrug*

    No idea. But hi!

    *Waves like a loon*


  3. LOL, I have no idea, either! It vaguely reminds me of Alice and Wonderland, but that was a tea party.

  4. I’m picturing long dresses and big brimmed hats, here. I have no clue.

    Have you seen the house? Sunny or shady? Go to the nearest garden supply center and ask what’s nice for the appropriate environment. Hostas are always nice, and exotic day lily varieties go over well.

    God, I’m old.

    • I’d already been to her place. My dad supplied her with some grass. *snerk* From the yard.

  5. it was a song.

  6. Not sure where it came from, but my parents always used it so maybe it’s a British thing?

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