The Little Green Light


The green light flashes.


I try to concentrate on my conversation but the green light beckons.


This has become my life.


Who could it be?


Is it an email or a text?


Is it someone responding to something I said, or is it a brand spanking new email?


What if there’s more than one email?


How much longer before I can turn away and check my phone?


I’m addicted to my phone. I realized it when I went to the bathroom and got excited when the green light on the soap dispenser winked at me.

*hangs head*


23 Responses

  1. I know the feeling, dear. I’m trying to wean myself.

    • *twitches*

      I clearly didn’t think this through — I get an email with every comment, which… er… makes my phone blink.


  2. Or when you hear your phone from your bedroom at 5:11 am ’cause someone send you a picture of their dog sleeping. :/
    (you know who you are & what you’ve done…)

  3. I’ve been better recently about not checking ALL. THE. TIME. But it’s so hard!

    • If I can stay busy it’s not so bad, but once I start… ugh.

  4. It is a bit addictive isn’t it. What kind of phone did you end up getting? I must have missed that?

    • The Droid. *beep boop beep boop*

      • Nice!

  5. Mr. Turkey is a slave to his “fembot”. He is always pushing her buttons.

  6. I don’t have a phone, but I certainly am an addict about checking Facebook and Email!

    • Natasha, I can check facebook and email and twitter on it. AND texts. Bad bad bad bad bad.

  7. Wow. My phone doesn’t blink when I get messages. It does, however, count the number of comments/messages I have and posts it on the face of the application’s icon.

    • Eep! That would be trouble. I have to touch a button for that to happen.

  8. I have a new phone and complete ignore it when it plays a lovely song, er, rings. Husband accused me of texting another man all day when I didn’t pick up his calls or return his msgs. I had no idea he’d even rung.

    • Do you choose not to answer or do you just not hear it? I just have a regular ring.

  9. Uh-oh, I think I’m going to be the same :/ I’m up for a new phone and want to be able to check my e-mail.

    The soap dispenser comment cracked me up!!

    • Nadine, it’s soooo nice.

      I keep thinking about trying to get a picture of the soap dispenser blinking, but my phone is slow to take pictures and that could take awhile. Maybe video, lol.

  10. Isn’t it awful? That’s why I just can’t do facebook. E mail, phone messages and I’m full. But you know what? My kids say e mail is passee. It’s all about Facebook now. Nobody but douche bags check their e mail. Hello. I’m Ms. Douche Bag. Pleased to meet you.

    • Robin, I check my email ALL the time. It’s awesome that there’s a little icon right on the main screen of my phone. Very time saving. ;P

  11. Oh, no! You’re a douche bag. So sorry. ;)

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