Look Out Below

For those of you who read Owen’s blog (or are friends with me on Facebook), you may already know what this is about.

See, I brought Owen to the vet last weekend and we were informed that Owen’s, um…

… haven’t dropped. And odds are, they won’t.

Which means he’ll have to have surgery to remove them. Apparently if we leave them in there he could eventually develop cancerous tumors since there would be things in his abdomen that don’t belong. So… his snip & clip has turned into a much bigger process.

We haven’t scheduled it yet, but I’ll be sure to post the cone pictures when we do.


23 Responses

  1. They have cones for down there? Now why don’t men get those during their vasectomies?

    Big love to Owen!

  2. I hope the surgery is uneventful.

  3. The wee little chap has my sympathies.

    • He doesn’t know what’s coming. I feel kinda guilty.

  4. Aw poor Owen. I’m sorry I had to laugh at the pic though… I’m sure he’ll be just fine ;o) Maya had a cone for over a week, it was pretty nuts, and she was like 75 lbs! Keep us posted ;o)

    • Erica, I’m secretly (clearly) looking forward to the cone experience.

  5. I think someone we both know *coughcraycough* just had this same problem corrected, like, last year. He said it was tough driving with the cone on, but otherwise wasn’t too big a deal.

    carry on. :)

    • Mr. Name Withheld,

      I think you will need to provide video evidence of that. Or AB can.

  6. Dogs in cones are hilarious. Makes the worrying about the surgery all worthwhile. ;)



  7. Love the pic! & um… unknown… I’m telling ;)

    • Do it! Do it! If only cuz it’ll make him read my blog. *snerk*

  8. Awwww! Poor Owen. I hope he goes through with flying colors!

    I don’t know if you do alternative stuff. When I did, I got my vet’s jaw to drop open with how quickly Choo-Choo healed. If you give him Arnica Montana (melted in water) about an hour before you take him in, and Rescue Remedy the instant you drop him off, it will help with both the pain and the trauma of the surgery. When you pick him up, give him Rescue Remedy again, and then just put Arnica Montana in his water for the next week or so.

    *hugs to Owen!*

    • I have no idea what those things are but I’ll certainly look into it. Thanks!

  9. Poor little guy! Hope it’s a quick (and hopefully cheap) process!

  10. Aw poor Owen. I hope the other male doggies don’t make fun of him. :(

    • The only ones he sees are through his fence then through theirs — and they’re all a bunch of shorties — so they probably won’t notice.

  11. OUCH!!!!!!!

    Having had a similar experience many years ago, I would recommend lots of TLC, plenty of water, and a big steak every night for a month.

    Sorry Owen. STBY.

  12. Awww… I knew that happens in humans, but I never thought of it happening in nice little doggies. That stinks.

  13. […] By mid-day today, Owen will be less two round objects and sporting a cone. I’m a little nervous because he has to have actual surgery. Seems his […]

  14. […] mid-day today, Owen will be less two round objects and sporting a cone. I’m a little nervous because he has to have actual surgery. Seems his […]

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