Post Up at the Erma Blog

I finally got off my tookus and wrote another post for the Army of Erma’s blog. Nice Try Victoria tells about my recent humorous trip to Victoria’s Secret.

You’re dying to read it, aren’t you?


Ladies, have you had a similar experience? And men, um… did you see the game last night?


8 Responses

  1. Her name was Bianca?

    Game? What game?

  2. Any game. :)

    Yep, Bianca.

  3. When you want to have a interesting afternoon, send me an email and I will send you my story about the dreadful week I spent working at Penny’s in lingerie.


  4. *hops over*

  5. T’was a funny post, Mel. :-)

    Not that I read it… I was watching sports. Football… yeah, that’ll do.


  6. Penny’s lingerie? Yikes!

    Thanks for reading everyone!

  7. Ha! This was great! Although now I’m bummed that they discontinue bras after three years – I didn’t know that :(

  8. I am! I am! Here I go….

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