Mr. Roboto

Did I mention I got a new phone?

I haven’t named him, but he seems to respond to “pretty” and “robot.”


Before buying the Droid I convinced myself that I had to have a phone with an actual keyboard, but after only five days I’ve already adjusted to the virtual keyboard, plus I love the feature where it gives you options for the word you’re trying to type after only a couple letters. That means you don’t have to type nearly as many actual words.


My best friend helped me figure out a lot of the apps so now I’m almost graduated from beginner phone user to second grader. ;) Not only that, she told me about at application called “Bump” that lets you transfer information from one phone to the other by simply bumping your fists. Or fingers.


Sadly, it does not work with a digital camera, no matter how many times you try.


9 Responses

  1. Droids are funky looking phones. :)

    My next phone’ll be a Crackberry or a Droid, methinks.

    Also, *poke*


    • I’m terrified I’m going to drop the thing on a hard surface. I already dropped it on plush carpet, but that’s very forgiving.

      I prefer this over the crackberry since the screen is so big and IT TURNS.

  2. Ohh… shiny :D
    I’m glad you have a phone now too!
    *sends Hooey text* ;)

  3. Wow, I was just looking at your new machine.
    Girl, you were really lost, if you ended up in Ludington from Muskegon, you really got mis-directed.
    I now know where you work…………You cannot hide from me…..
    I like the phone.

    • I wasn’t actually in Ludington, just heading TOWARDS it. I’m not sure where exactly I turned around because I was so panicked to get there.

      Does this mean you’ll be installing my new machine?

      • Nope, someone else will be installing it.
        Your company has a special tech(Eric) who handles almost all of the problems that occur for the two companies. You are in excellent hands, he knows what he is doing.

  4. What a pretty new phone! Mine seems so juvenile now, lol.

    And that bump feature is awesome!

    • Nadine, we were bumping all night long, lol.

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