Gentleman, Start Your… Horses

Today I’m driving to Kentucky to spend the weekend with my best friend. She’s getting married in June (for which I have to write a speech) and this weekend we’re going to the races! Louisville is known for racing, but Lexington has Keeneland, a great racetrack that features many of the horses seen in the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont Stakes.

This will be my first solo road trip in a long time, but fortunately I’ll have my trusty cell phone to keep me company. Just kidding… I swear I’ll only use it in case of emergency. Like when I get really bored around Indianapolis.

Let’s just hope the car and I don’t have any disagreements. I’m well past the learning stage with the stick shift, but Reggie’s never been out of state (at least not with me) and he might get freaked out with the change in scenery.

So… what you do have going on this weekend?


18 Responses

  1. Oh, how fun! Hope you have a blast. Be safe!

    • Thanks Janna! I was starting to get a migraine today but I’m feeling okay now. I hope it stays away.

  2. Awesome! Have fun, Mel!!!

    I plan to write and plan to distract myself from the fact that my sweetheart is working till Monday. :(

    Might find time to kill things in a computer game, too. ;)


    PS – *poke*

    • I’m sorry Adam, that sucks. I hope you’re productive.

  3. I love road trips!! Have a blast. Shoulda gave me warning – I could have made a great traveling CD for ya ;)

    • AB, you do too much for me already. Thanks for keeping me company in Indiana.

  4. Have some juleps for me!!!

    • I don’t know about juleps, but I may have a mojito. At least it still has mint…

  5. My wife has a friend who travels with the phone stuck in her ear. She will call Carey when she leaves the house. They will talk the entire time she is traveling to our house, all six hours. Then they will stay up all night talking. The whole reason my wife has two phone batteries is for their conversations. It is absolutely bazaar.

    Have a fun trip.

    • I was on the phone for a good part of the trip but my bluetooth wouldn’t stay in my ear so it made it a little difficult. I completely understand how she can do that — my sister and I are the same way. Same with my best friend.

  6. Yay, I’m so privileged to have my Matron of Honor (that just sounds strange) for a weekend to myself! :) Safe travels!!

  7. Cool. Hopefully, it will be beautiful driving/visiting weather.

    I’m doing something with the house renovation, as usual. Not sure what, yet. Have to check my marching orders from the Architect.

    • The weather was perfect.

      Good luck with the house. How long before you think you’ll be done?

  8. Soccer games and some down time.

    Have fun in Kentucky! I’m taking my horse-crazy daughter there in July for Breyerfest. You’ll have to tell us about your trip and share must-sees.

    • Jewel, I’ve been here quite a few times but I’m thinking my must-see p[laces may not be minor-friendly. Let me know if you want suggestions and I can check for you.

  9. Have a wonderful time and enjoy the sushi!

    No plans for me this weekend except we are dog sitting again. Hopefully she’s out of her chewing stage this time, lol.

    • Aww, puppy! I miss Owen so much.

      The sushi was amazing. I nearly fell out of my seat after the first bite. We started with seaweed salad and finished with chocolate mousse! Yum.

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