Owen and I took a walk along the Grand Haven boardwalk last week (well, I walked, he got a free ride) and managed to catch the beginning of the sunset. I’d forgotten how nice it is to face due west over the water.


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  1. Very purty, Mel. :-)


    PS – I’m jealous.

    • I tried to get a picture of Owen in that spot but I apparently had the camera at the wrong angle and got all concrete.

  2. Beautiful. Those are some of my favorite views in the world … facing west over Lake Michigan at sunset.

  3. seriously, sell that! istock.com!!! I know I know… but I’m not kidding! For THAT shot, even I would pay money. Really nice shot! And unless I’m completely off-base, for some us, very profound…

  4. Beautiful photo!! I love the lines – reminds me of art class with the vanishing point, etc.

  5. Beautiful. And cold I’m sure ;o)

  6. One of the only good things about Grand Haven.
    Sunsets and beaches, some of the most beautiful sites in the world, too bad it is spoiled by all the people.
    That is a great picture, I like.

    Reminds me of Home ;)

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