Better Late Than Never

You know the tradition to save the top of your wedding cake to eat on your first anniversary? Ibis and I were good newleyweds and saved the top in my parents’ extra freezer (convenient since the reception was at their house) but then four months later we moved to Mexico. I didn’t think the cake would travel well — especially considering I had every belonging I could possibly cram into my car already occupying the precious cake space — so it’s remained in their freezer.

Over the weekend I cleaned out my parents’ fridge (yes this seems to be a theme) and my mom reminded me that the cake was still in the freezer. In its original cardboard box.


I did what anyone would do — I thawed that puppy out and we had it after dinner! It was a little dry in spots but the frosting (butter cream) was still deLIcious. Assuming you don’t mind the bits of flower left on the top.

Next up: sending out the rest of those thank you notes.


19 Responses

  1. Awesome! Aren’t you going to mail Ibis a piece?
    *waits to see what else you find – hopes it’s not that hamster you lost in 6th grade* ;)

    • We talked about trying to send him a piece. I believe there was talk of dry ice…

      I have found some scary stuff…

  2. LOL – wow. I can’t believe that still tasted good. That must have been a great cake. I love the color ;o)

    • It’s actually white — the lighting was just weird there.

      It tasted okay — “good” might be pushing it. Although the frosting was still really good.

  3. That’s great that it tasted good after so long. Mine didn’t hold up nearly as well and it was consumed just a year later.

    I love the color.

    • It wasn’t wrapped well at all. Someone put it in a cardboard box and that’s where it sat for three years.

  4. We didn’t eat ours. It was left in an aunt’s freezer without any protection and the white cake turned orange. *shivers* But we’ve been happily married after all these years so I think it is just a tradition to promote the eating of leftovers. ;)

    • Orange? Really?

      I like you’re theory, lol.

  5. Ours lasted a week – we ate it when we returned from our mini-moon.

    Your cake was so pretty!

    You definitely have a knack for cleaning out fridges – can you come do mine next?

    • Nadine, it was SO pretty. It had flowers all over it (the main flower was a stargazer lily) and tasted even better.

      I wish we’d eaten it before we left.

  6. Ditto the fridge-cleaning. I’m horrible with it!

    Looks awesome. I’d take a slab now!

    • The rest was thrown away. My mom was the only one eating it and decided it needed to go.

  7. We ate ours at our first anniversary. And by “eat” I mean “took one bite and threw out the rest.”

    Yeah. Didn’t hold up.

    • Wendy, I wish I’d taken part in that tradition. I wonder how much of the cake is actually good after sitting in the freezer.

  8. You can TOTALLY freeze a chunk and send it to Ibis for good luck! My mom has made cake fro years, and my best friend froze a hunk of her daughter’s Christening cake my mom made and shipped it to her husband in Iraq! It’s worth a shot :)

    • Too late. :(

      But that’s a great idea. Maybe we’ll have to order a cake just for him…

  9. How long since your wedding?

  10. My mom put ours in a tupperware cake cover/container thingy. We had it on our 1 year and it was GOOD! We were both so shocked that it held up, and even more so that it tasted great! So, you know… tupperware ;) My wedding cake was the best cake ever. Dan’s great aunt made it, and she’s made it for every summer picnic since then. So great to have a bakery in the fam!

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