What I Did

Thank you to everyone who played along last week when I asked What Would You Do? I have to complain about one thing though — several of you said you’d either call for directions or call your husband, but I didn’t have a phone. That was what made the whole thing SO FUN.


When I realized I’d missed my exit, I tried to turn around at the next one, but it was closed and I swear I thought I was going to end up in Ludington (which is FAR). Then I took an earlier exit that said it went to the same place and hoped my sense of direction wouldn’t fail me. I’m surprisingly good when I know where Lake Michigan is and I knew as long as I kept heading towards the lake I’d be fine.

There was just the fact that I was God-knows how far away and it was five minutes from when I was supposed to start.

I stopped in the first parking lot that looked like the business was open (it was only 8am) and asked two random guys standing near a company work truck where to go. Their directions seemed to make sense so I headed that way, then pulled off again just to make sure they were right.

They were.

Then I drove 30mph as fast as I could and pulled into the office ten minutes late. I had a whole story planned about how I didn’t know that city very well and thought it might be fun to take a survey of the local residents as a way to get to know them better, but I swallowed that when I walked in the door.

They asked me back so I suppose I finally used discretion at the right time.

Bonus side note: I didn’t stall at all during this escapade!


10 Responses

  1. Glad you found your way. I had an incident when the GPS ran out of batteries while downtown. The kids learned some colorful words that day.

    • I think I remember that. :) Yeah, I was definitely stressed…

  2. *poke*

    That was celebratory. For not stalling.


    That one was just because I like poking ya.


  3. That’s awesome that you didn’t stall – sounds like you have driving stick down! Sweet!

    • Today I rocked the clutch in 4-inch heels. Woohoo!

  4. That turned out so much better than it could have!

  5. No phone? Oops. That’s a different kettle of fish altogether.

    • That was the challenge! I’ve ordered a phone now and it should be in tomorrow. Yay!

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