Imagine this scenario:

You’re on your way to your first day of a temporary gig that could turn into “something more” (I feel like a teenager saying that) and suddenly you realize you missed your exit. You plan to take the NEXT exit, but it’s closed. You continue on for DAYS (really about three minutes) before the next ramp appears around a bend.

You turn around, then take an earlier exit that SOUNDS like it goes where you need to go — oh, and it’s now five minutes before you have to be at said new temporary gig — and find yourself in a city you do not know AT ALL.

Without a cell phone.

Or a map.

What do you do?

I have my answer, but I’m curious how different people react.


23 Responses

  1. Panic, possibly burst into tears.


    I mean, ask for directions. :)


    PS. *poke*

    • I managed to keep my cool, but the panic was defiiitely creeping in.

  2. Calling my husband is hysterics usually works for me. Life has been easier since we got a GPS though. I highly suggest it a few paychecks down the road :)

    • But how would you call your hubby without a cell phone? If I’d had that it wouldn’t be nearly as difficult.

    • Oh, and I think the phone I’m getting has GPS. :P

  3. Oh no! Doesn’t that just figure?

    I’d call and ask directions, LOL.

    • But how would you call without a phone?

  4. Find the exit ramp back onto the highway and try again.

    • Avery, I’ve done that before. The only reason I didn’t was because I was already so late. I ended up heading in the right direction, but I wasn’t sure the entire time.

  5. This sounds like my life. ….I just keep peddleing until something looks familiar.

    • Aimless, I was kicking myself for not paying attention when I’d gone there for my interview. Nothing looked familiar!

  6. Mine would be a mixture of Adam and Natasha. First, hysterics and tears. Then, wipe the tears, call the place, explain the situation and ask for directions.

    Then cry and panic some more until I get there. Then reapply my makeup in the rearview mirror in the parking lot.

    • But Robin, I didn’t have a phone. I couldn’t call and explain. I just had to hope that they understood when I got there.

      They did say that they were wondering if I was coming in…

  7. Calculate the angle of the sun divided by miles covered times number of Starbuck’s passed.

    I dunno. Ask for directions?

    • LOL! That’s what I did! (the directions part, not the calculating, although the sun WAS rising so I used that to my advantage.)

  8. That’s a toughie. I think I would return to a point where I knew – getting back on the freeway until I reached a place where I was more familiar with the area and could turn around and start again.

    • Nadine, that’s my usual method and I was frustrated because I didn’t feel like I had the time to do that. Normally I wouldn’t take a route I don’t know / shortcut, but I didn’t feel like I had another option.

  9. I would !@#^&* and maybe star panicking, get a hold of a payphone, call to let them know I’m lost, then idonouu. Try to cover up my embarrassed face with a good “morning everyone face”.

    • I had a joke prepared for when I got there about surveying the locals on my way to work as an effort to get to know the city better, but I decided not to use it.

  10. How did the interview go!? I hope they were understanding :-)

    • Hi Lara!

      I have a post scheduled for tomorrow that tells all about it. :)

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