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As those of you who chat with me on Facebook know, this week has been a bit hectic!

When I was querying last summer I didn’t really talk about it on my blog because… well… I just don’t want to put all that out there. By that same token, I don’t like to talk about my job search — BUT I’ve had a couple interviews and a couple more coming up, and that’s sucked up all the rest of my time. I’m NOT complaining, not at all, just explaining in my long-winded we’ll-get-there-when-we-get-there way why I don’t have a real post for today.

In light of that, I thought I’d open it up to questions that you may have for me. As far as I know I don’t have new readers since switching from What Am I Doing in Mexico? but if you are and haven’t commented, please do! In fact, why don’t ALL of you comment because it’s driving me crazy not knowing how many followers I have.


On a side note (well two, actually) — I know some of you have a wordpress blog that you can customize. Do you know if I can upgrade from this blog, or would that require me switching to a .org address?

My other side note — I’m most likely getting a Verizon phone (best service in this area) and need advice on which phone to get.

Thanks everyone, and have a great weekend!


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  1. No idea and no idea.

    If you were ice cream, what flavor would you be?

    • Chocolate vanilla swirl, for sure. Or something with chuks of chocolate, and maybe some blackberries or raspberries in there too. Mm…

  2. I am here and at Owen’s site even if I do not always comments.

    • Thanks for letting me know! I’m the same way.

  3. Check out CNet for cell phone reviews. I usually try to pick the phone that has the lowest SAR rating, that way my head isn’t getting ‘microwaved’ by the phone radiation. ;) Samsungs generally have a lower SAR level than average, but there are some other phone brands that are low too. Check out this link for the 20 lowest.

    I use just plain old WordPress and did what you did with changing the top banner. Hubs knows how to do that ‘customize’ stuff. I’ll see what he says… when he wakes up. Its 5:30 here.

    • Thanks for the link, I’m reading that next.

      I figured your hubby would know and I actually keep meaning to email you (and him) about that. Let me know what he says. :)

    • And what are you doing up so early?!

  4. I just got an LG but am having a hard time adjusting from my Treo. I also had to get an internet package (add’l $10 a month) which pissed me off. I wanted another palm but that was $30 a month internet. I can no longer text w/ the old style phone so I didn’t really have a choice. PM me what you plan on doing. Remember my son works for verizon. I know he’s got a spare blackberry – but again, you have to get internet. Mine had a $100 rebate so even the touch screens are cheap now… it’s just teaching this old dog new tricks :|

    • I DO remember about that, but I think you were right the one time you commented that I can probably get a good deal on a new phone considering all their packages. I was thinking Blackberry but the guy wooed me a bit with all the pretty touch screens. I don’t know.

  5. No, I’m not following you. We just happen to be going to the same places. (This conversation usually follows a statement like, Stop following me! or Creep, get away!

    As for phones, I have a Verizon. I walked in and asked for the cheapest phone they had. After they showed me all of their $300 phones, the lady finally showed me the “Buy this phone for $50 and get a $50 rebate” phone. I bought that one because they didn’t have one where they paid me to take it.

    • *whips out pepper spray*

      My sister usually gets that phone. I do want internet, etc, so I can feel myself getting pulled towards the touch screens. I just don’t know much about the one phone that I’m thinking of (and whose name I can’t recall at the moment).

  6. Forgot to mention, I love the phone. It gets better reception than the expensive one I lost. And the pictures are better. I’m just not a cool with the younger crowd, but I am a hit at the over 60’s luncheon.

  7. Still reading daily but don’t comment often.

    I love my Blackberry with Nextel Direct Connect service.

  8. I follow you, Owen and your Haiku loyally, even if I’m not always the best commenter.

    I have no experience with Verizon and we both know my Zoolander-esque prowess with the Interwebs, so, I’m afraid I can’t help in either respect.

    • Avery, I love your commets, especially when you bust out the haiku, because I know you said you’re attempting it just for me. <3

      Ahh, Zoolander. It's IN the computer!

  9. I read all 3 blogs daily. Keep up the good work! I’ll try to comment more often.

    I recently got a Samsung with a full keyboard, and I really like it. It’s great for text messaging. A good friend has an iphone and I’m slightly envious, but I really don’t need email and internet with me 24/7.

    I agree with Allen that the less expensive (or free) phones work just fine. I’ve always had good luck with them, anyway.

    Anxious to hear what you end up with!

    • Thanks for the input Pam. I’m researching now and I think I’m down to the droid and palm pre plus, or something like that.

  10. I’m here, lurking in the shadows, watching you. *evil laugh*

    My WordPress blog is hosted on my site, which is why it’s so customizable. I have no experience with the WP-hosted blogs, so I can’t help you there.

    • Angie, I don’t know how to do that. Hmm…

  11. is self-hosted, with many more features and power, lol. So you don’t have to switch to an .org domain, you just have to put it wherever you are hosting

    If you go in your web dashboard, probably you have something like Fantastico, or some single-click feature that will install Word Press to your server, and you’ll be able to put your blog where you want, like

    Let me know if you need help!

    • Would I have to change the web address for the blog if I’m hosting it on my own site?

      • Yes. It could be, or Or Or, probably your hosting provider will let you have another domain, so you could make it Now THAT would be COOL!

      • Hmm… that’s something to consider. I HATE how the bottom of the blog looks right now & I just tell myself that no one looks at it.

  12. I’m starting to look for a new phone myself as I qualify for my plan (my phone is two years old) but there are too many choices and I start to get confused, so I don’t look. Maybe I’ll put that on my list for next month :)

  13. I’m here lady! I have Sprint so I can’t help, but my friend has a blackberry storm and loves it (she’s with Verizon)

    Have a great weekend!

    • Helloooo! That’s what my mom has and she really likes it, but I don’t like the interface. It was explained to me over the weekend that it’s based on a PC platform, which would explain my dislike.

  14. Bueller… Bueller… … Bueller… Yep, present and accounted for! Not that I’m very good at accounting, but I do love presents!

    First, I know you want an iPhone. So… there is a new app here that will allow you to use just an iPod touch to skirt the at&t issue. Of course, you will need wifi, but then you’ll make virtually free calls. It’s an interesting option, i’m just saying. BUT, that being said, i believe the name of the phone you’re thinking of is Droid. I’ve heard very good things about it. Let’s see, what else did you want?

    Oh yeah, questions; I have a few… But let’s just go with, How much do you love Craig Ferguson?

    • Yeah, that’s way too complicated for me. I want a phone-phone. I like the droid, but not the super-duper fancy one — I like the ERIS.

      I almost never watch Craig Ferguson. I used to some, but I haven’t watched late night TV in three years and I’m trying not to get back in the habit.

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  16. I’m here and at Owen’s blog, although I don’t always comment there. Just looking at Owen makes me happy.

    I have an i phone which I love so much I practically have sex with it. They’re way more affordable than they used to be, and we could play scrabble.

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