On the Road Again

Don’t let that tree fool you. I’m totally driving down the highway.

I’m off to Chicago to pick up my dad, but we won’t be staying. I imagine I’ll be in Chi-town for a total of twenty minutes, then it’s back on the road.

ETA: My dad and brother missed their connection in Phoenix last night so I don’t have to leave quite as early this morning. But now I have to coordinate the van at the airport — Fun!

EETA: I just got the call (8am EST) so I’ll be leaving in the next half hour. I bet you’re all SO relieved I’ve kept you up to date on this. Don’t tear the place down without me.


13 Responses

  1. Have fun!

    And by “have fun,” I mean “drive safe!”



  2. We’ve got find a bog decicated to driving vans for you. Safe trip. :)

    • The drive went really well! I dare say I’ve mastered van driving, as long as I don’t have to do anything crazy like park the damn thing.

  3. Safe driving, Melanie! :-)

  4. nice hat.


    • It’s snazzy. ;)

      • Sharp! I mean it’s sharp! I couldn’t remember the right word.

        *is colored embarrassed*

  5. You look absolutely riveted by this drive. By the way, did Owen take this picture? He’s not bad!

    • Robin, I continue to be amazed at Owen’s abilities despite not having opposable thumbs.

  6. Crusin’ in style!

    I like this photo – you look deep in thought!

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