Michigan Morning

Nothing will compare to the glorious sunrises in Mexico, but I kind of like the addition of the bare trees. I guess there IS a benefit to the dog waking me up at the literal crack of dawn.


15 Responses

  1. Damn, that’s purty. :)


  2. Wow, goodness that’s pretty!

    (Maybe I should stop leaving comments. Maybe I should just leave a blanket “what Adam said,” instead.)

  3. Huh huh… ;)


  4. ROFL!

  5. Nice! Unfortunately we are under a blanket of clouds for most of the winter. But we do see sunrises on clear days since we live on the East side of a hill. Sunsets, however, are a rare treat.

    • We get sunsets here the way we did in Mexico — over the treetops. It’s still nice if you can see it.

  6. You know what Michigan is good at? Surprising you with a gorgeous visual after three or four or five months of dreary, cold weather. I was just walking about spring fever the other day and how there’s no spring fever like the spring fever that grabs Michiganders, because (and I’ll say this forever) no summer beats a good Michigan summer.

    • That is so very true. Chicago is close behind it. I loved how everyone would emerge on the first sunny days, their pasty skin glowing in the sunlight, and run around in shorts when it was still in the 50s.

  7. Um … “talking about spring fever.” You’d think I could type by now.

  8. This is gorgeous!! And… I think would make a FABULOUS book cover. I can just see ATF in script across the front…

    • I haven’t ONCE thought about a cover for ATF. How weird is that? Great idea!

  9. Pretty! The bare branches give it a nice, crisp vibe.

  10. Very nice! Sunrises & sets are my thing :)
    Thanks for sharing!

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