Three years ago today my dad shoved the final box into my car and we headed south to Me-hi-co. (We also removed the toaster oven when we realized there wasn’t room for my file box. Talk about a decision I’ll regret for the next 1083 days.) That same day (it was a Monday) two close friends started new jobs, so this date has kind of stuck with me.

Today — exactly three years later — I have my first interview! Yay!

I know it’s ridiculous to get excited before I’ve even set foot in the company, but it seems like a really good fit for me and frankly, I feel like I’m due some good news. (Yes, I realize I’ve probably just jinxed myself there.)

The interview isn’t until later this afternoon so… any advice?


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  1. Leave the swim flippers at home and don’t drool. Good luck!

  2. Eat your Wheaties! <3

    • Wheaties. Check.

      Or how about leftover chicken parmesan?

  3. Be yourself. Who wouldn’t to hire awesome Mel? :)


    • I actually don’t get nervous before interviews. I figure I can’t magically morph into their ideal candidate, so I just have to go with the idea that I already AM ideal. If not, anything I say in the interview isn’t going to change who I am, and I wouldn’t want it to. Does that make sense?

      • Perfect sense. :)


      • Good.

  4. Yep, what Adam said. Be yourself. You’ve got so much to offer!

    Good luck, hoo. I’m thinking of you.

    • Thanks Janna! I’m SO geeked about the publishing tie-in! I was about to say “you have no idea..” but you probably do. :)

  5. Smile and have a good time. The worst that can happen is that you meet a new person and enjoy their company for a few minutes.

    • Thanks Allen. I made sure to work out so I’d be relaxed. :)

  6. Good luck!!

    I always find going in armed with specifics helps me. Companies tend to ask those “give me an example of when you…” questions. If I have specifics in mind for when I successfully implemented a project or when things didn’t go the way I expected, I won’t be on the spot. Make sense?

    • Sara, that is SUCH good advice! Thank you. You gave me something to think about while I worked out, and I have a couple ideas in mind now.

  7. Silly, Hooey. You have them at Ola! ;)
    Good luck!

  8. Go get ’em girl!

  9. Hey. We’re all in a place for some good news. :) Luck!

  10. Good luck! And my only advice is to have fun. I’ve always gotten the jobs where I went in and we joked around and had fun during the interview.

    So… what Adam said. :-)

    • Natasha, I already plan to open with “so when you called I had just hauled a queen-sized bed down a flight of stairs…”.

  11. I think you should highlight how you’ve used this time in Mexico to develop your skills further and make yourself a more attractive worker. You didn’t just vacation for 3 years, you taught yourself flash, developed your writing, etc. That shows you are both eager to learn and adaptable, meaning that even if the job you’re interviewing for isn’t EXACTLY the skills you have, you can demonstrate how you’d learn fast.

    • Laurie, all excellent points. Oddly, I feel a lot more comfortable with myself than I did the last time I interviewed. As you know, I’m not one to freeze up or stumble over something to say in situations like this, so I’m hoping that continues.

  12. Nope, sorry, no advice, except be yourself! I haven’t had to interview in over 20 years!

    Just wanted to wish you Good Luck and will be looking forward to hearing how it went!

    Go get ’em, chica!

    • Thanks Mary! I haven’t been on an interview in at least four years — probably closer to five — and my portfolio was a little scary. I actually found my FIRST one and cannot believe I got a job based on that.

  13. Good luck Melanie!

    Back a few companies ago, I was in charge of hiring staff. It made a HUGE difference if I could tell the person really wanted the job. If you want the job, make sure you show it.

    Also, following up was huge too! Cause if I was deciding between two candidates and one followed up, they got the job.

    My fingers and toes are crossed for you!! Harvey has his crossed too!

    • Nadine, EXCELLENT advice. I do really want this and I’m geeked (lol, I’m going to use that all the time now) so I have no problem telling them that.

      I love that Harvey is crossing his toes. Technically Owen is crossing his feet, but I don’t think it’s intentional.

  14. Urk! I’m late! You’ve already had it! I’m sure you rocked that baby!

    How exciting, though. It must feel sort of cool to be thinking of salaries and benefits and all that sort of stuff. It’s also nice to be older, comfortable in your skin, with some amazing life experience under your belt. You know you can deal with anything they throw your way.

    • Thanks Robin! It’s definitely weird being back in this mindset again, but you’re so right about being more comfortable with myself. The fact that they speak English makes the whole process seem so simple.

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