Schedule, Schmedule

So… I’d like to have some kind of routine to my posts here, but I’m so out of whack with the move that I don’t know what day it is. Forget trying to maintain a schedule. I liked the three-days-a-week routine at Mexico (I updated the sidebar info so it’s all current now) but I’m sitting here in my mom’s living room, watching the Today show with Owen curled up next to me and I feel like talking to you all.

My computer arrived yesterday but I haven’t plugged it in yet because we had a bit of a styrofoam issue. Ibis (my husband, for the uninitiated) protected my iMac with two-inch foam and while it seems to have done its job (remember, I haven’t actually turned it on yet) a lot of the foam crumbled and I now have a box full of itsy-bitsy pieces of styrofoam. Or more accurately, I now have a living room full of foam.

Yesterday Owen learned that he can EAT snow (what a joyous moment that was — he kept racing away from me thinking that I would try to take it away from him) so when little white things covered the living room floor, he tried to eat that too. Long story short (I know, shocking from me, right?) I had to vacuum the room twice, myself once, and was unable to vacuum the dog. I’ve got everything pretty much clean and I think the computer is finally warm, so I’ll start ‘er up soon.

My point to all this is my days are completely disorganized and I may be posting sporadically for a bit. Will you all bear with me? Also, my mom has a spare camera (thanks mom!) so I’ll be able to post pictures as soon as I get a memory card.

On an ironic side note, I’m watching the news and they keep interrupting our regularly scheduled programming to talk about a shooting near Grand Rapids. See — THE VIOLENCE FOLLOWS ME!


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  1. It DOES follow you! (stay far away:) Looking forward to some pics!

    • It’s a little freaky, right? I think everyone’s going to change their mind about trying to get together just because I’m back in the country.

  2. Welcome back to blogville! Michigan snow … oh, how I remember that.

    Glad to hear the trip went well and Owen’s fur is finding itself useful.

    • Yes, he’s finally stopped shivering. I was a little worried that first day, but I’m thinking that was mostly stress.

  3. I hope Owen didn’t eat too much styrofoam. Glad to hear that you are settling and hey take some time to get a schedule in place. There’s no rush. I’m sure we’ll all be here when you come back more sane.

    • You and me both! At least it will blend in with his surroundings if he DID eat a lot, lol.

  4. Oh man, he tried to eat the styrofoam! Doggies are something aren’t they? Can’t wait to see pics ;o) Don’t worry sporadic or not, we’re here for ya ;o) Sounds like a nice morning curled up with your dog Ahhhh… Sorry about the shooting thing! Dang. Well let’s hope it’s an isolated incident!

    • I don’t know if he actually injested anything, but it was completely stuck in his beard. And his eyebrows. And back. And feet…

  5. Hey, I didn’t shoot anyone.

    I haven’t even heard of it. Was it downtown? I was there this morning, but sans gun so you can’t pin it on me.

    Good to have you in Michigan, did you bring all this snow?
    I have a camera you could use that has a card, you want me to run it over to you?
    I was thinking of heading to the coast to get in some boarding if you guys have snow.

    • I don’t remember where exactly it happened — I’ve forgotten the names of all the little towns around GR.

      My mom actually has a “spare” camera and I bought a memory card this afternoon. Thanks though! Let me know if you’re over this way so you can meet Owen. :)

  6. No problemo! I’ve got ya on Reader so go ahead and post as sporadically as you wish! :D Enjoy getting settled and don’t forget to wear your riot gear!

    (as a side note, because I have you on Reader, I won’t need emailed updates.)

    • Ah thanks. :)

  7. Of course I’ll stalk, I mean, bear with you!

    You’ve got to be KIDDING me! And just when I thought I could stop worrying. How’s Ibis holding up?

    • I’m going to dinner tonight so let’s see if it really follows me. Oy.

      Ibis misses us. It’s easier for me and Owen because we’re in a different place, you know?

  8. You had to vaccuum yourself? LOL!

    I’m excited about your journey. I hope it proves to lead wonderful places.

    • Janna, there is STILL styrofoam all over the place. I even found some in my bed.

  9. Styrofoam is awesome, but so annoying. I hate when things come packed in styrofoam peanuts. They seem to get everywhere by magic.

    • Robin, I think it’s the static. It’s really clingy.

  10. So glad your computer arrived safely!

    Poor Owen – styrofoam and snow seem the same!

    • We have ALMOST rid the house of styrofoam. Almost.

  11. What is it with dogs and wanting to eat absolutely everything? *grin* I’m glad Oliver’s too snooty for that sometimes, even though it drives me mad most of the rest of the time. LOL

    • I know, seriously! Now he keeps chewing on the box that has all my books. I don’t see that ending well…

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