Whose Blog?

Before we begin, I’m sure you’re already asking yourself why I’ve sneezed all over my fancy new blog. That’s not actually a sneeze, it’s one of those words you say under your breath—kind of like “Loser!”—where you pretend to be discreet when really you want everyone to hear you.

My writing friends all know me as Hoo (those are the first three letters of my maiden name) so a couple years ago I mentioned my other blog one too many times, and a hyper bunny whisper-shouted:


And now here we are.

I’ll start posting regularly at the end of February once I’m back in Michigan and settled in my parents’ basement.

That’s right—I’ve become that cliché. Let the jokes begin.


17 Responses

  1. *sniffs*

    Ahh, I just love that new blog smell. Congratulations on the new digs!

  2. *snuggles bunneh*

    Very appropriate that you got the first comment.

  3. I sneezed as I pulled this up to read. *wipes snot from keyboard* How’d you know?

    I love it, hoo. I really do.

  4. AWESOME header, Mel! :D

    Looking forward to the posts! ;)


  5. Looks great, Melanie!

  6. I love your header – so great! I’ve been sniffing around WordPress too, recently, but haven’t committed to anything yet. And I just pasted your URL into the “add subsciption” box in Google Reader. will it show you I’m following that way?

  7. Thanks all!

    Janna, I’m magic….

    Rachel, that’s how I typically follow WordPress blogs, too, but I don’t know if that appears to the author. I’d really like to figure that out.

    The only thing I’m not liking on this template is the GIANT font for the stuff at the bottom of the pages.

  8. *Spills and makes first stain on the couch*
    Oops! Sorry about that!

    The new place looks great!
    *Adds blog to Reader*

  9. Whenever I read Hoosblog, I immediately think, “Who’s Bad” from the Michael Jackson song and the song starts playing in my head. I did it. :)

  10. Very fabulous, Melanie!

  11. Adore your header, gal! Love it!

  12. Thanks everyone!

    Jen, I’ll expect you to come over this weekend to clean up that mess.

    Nadine, I’ve never thought of that. Too funny.

  13. So Mel, one big question, why no shoes? I mean, you do dance right?

  14. so you write barefoot? Going to the bar for Superbowl! It’s a Bar called ‘Rush Street’. Kinda lame, but us ‘transplants’ have to take what we can get. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  15. You’re too cute! I love this blog. It reminds me of “The Electric Company” for some reason. How I loved that show. . .

    • Thanks Robin!

      But I’m curious why the Electric Company…

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